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“With surcharge of palm oil”: In Malaysia, they are ready to exchange the Su-30MKM for the Su-35 and MiG-29 for the MiG-35

“With surcharge of palm oil”: In Malaysia, they are ready to exchange the Su-30MKM for the Su-35 and MiG-29 for the MiG-35:

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The Minister of Defense of Malaysia confirmed the information about the proposal from Russia on the exchange of fighters available in the kingdom's air force for newer modifications.

According to the head of the military department of Malaysia, Mohammad Sabu, expressed before the parliament, it is extremely important for the country's air force to be provided with aviation for air surveillance, as well as maneuverable fighters. At the same time, Sabu noted that until 2030 Malaysia will not consider such a question as the acquisition of completely new combat aircraft (“from scratch”) - the Air Force will focus on upgrading the operating versions. The Minister of Defense also referred to the possibility of exchanging aircraft for modernization.

Currently, the Malaysian Air Force operates 18 Su-30MKM fighters, which have been supplied since 2007. Numerous French-made systems are implemented on these fighters, including HUD indicators, infrared sensors, etc.

Malaysia also has 10 MiG-29 fighters in its air force park. Earlier in Kuala Lumpur, it was stated that the life of these fighters had already expired and now a replacement is necessary.

Parliamentarians asked the minister if the defense department was going to change all 28 aircraft of Russian production for new modifications, also made in the Russian Federation? The Minister of Defense noted that everyone may not be talking about, but options are being considered with the exchange of several Su-30MKM for Su-35 and MiG-29 for MiG-35, if the surcharge will be made by palm oil of Malaysian production.

In addition, Sabu noted that the country needs a naval patrol aircraft, as well as flight simulators for training pilots.

About whether Russia is ready to go for an exchange with Malaysia with a surcharge of palm oil, not yet reported.

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