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UAC conducts several tests of new and modernized aircraft

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At the present time, several new aircraft models are being tested at the United Aircraft Corporation, referring to all four divisions of the UAC - military, civil, transport and special.


In the Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex (TANTK) them. The newest multifunctional aviation complex of radar surveillance and guidance A-100 is being tested by Beriev. The first side of this type was created on the basis of a military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A, built at the Ulyanovsk aviation plant Aviastar-SP. The A-100 is a multifunctional aviation complex capable of rapidly expanding the radar field in a given operational direction, detecting and accompanying air and other targets, and also participating in the control of fighter and strike aircraft when aiming for air, land and sea targets.

The aircraft will replace the aircraft complexes A-50 and A-50U.

The aviation complex of the new generation RLDN A-100 is being created by the TANTK. GM Beriev within the framework of the State Armament Program together with the Vega radio engineering concern.


In January in Kazan, Russian President Vladimir Putin was present during the demonstration flight of the new strategic missile carrier Tu-160. In 2015, it was decided to resume production of the Tu-160 at the UAC of the Kazan Aviation Plant, which is part of the strategic and special aviation division. SP Gorbunova (a branch of the company "Tupolev"). The demonstration flight was at an altitude of 300 m and lasted about seven minutes. The pilots carried out maneuvers, which made it possible to check the stability and controllability of the aircraft in the air.

The multi-mode supersonic strategic missile carrier Tu-160 is the largest aircraft with variable wing geometry, one of the most powerful combat aircraft in the world. The Tu-160 missile carrier is the first new aircraft produced within the framework of the program of deep modernization. On the upgraded Tu-160M, flight-navigation equipment, an on-board communication complex, an automatic on-board control system, an on-board radar station, and an electronic countermeasure complex were updated. The complex of control and management of fuel and centering, the engine management system has been modernized.

UAC head Yuri Slyusar noted that the deep modernization will increase the combat effectiveness of the aircraft by more than 60% due to the expansion of functions and improving the characteristics of airborne equipment, increasing the accuracy of navigation systems, the use of new means of self-defense and countermeasures. The aircraft will be installed a new information and control system, the advantage of which is the ability to collect, process and output flight information in a single system. 
The aircraft will be able to use new types of weapons.


On the same day, when the Tu-160 was shown in Kazan, the first flight of the fully Russian modernized Il-78M-90A refueling aircraft took place in Ulyanovsk. He developed the designers of the Aviation Complex. S. V. Ilyushin, is produced at the Aviastar-SP plant.

The advanced modification of the tanker was created on the basis of the latest military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A.

At the tanker, modern flight control and navigation system, automatic control system, communication system, "glass" cab are installed, which meet all modern requirements for avionics of aircrafts and significantly increase flight safety and accuracy of aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped with four engines of the new generation PS-90A-76 with an increased degree of double circuit and increased take-off thrust. Their specific fuel consumption is 12-14 percent lower than that of the D-30KP engine, which was installed on previous modifications of the fuel tanker aircraft. As a result, the IL-78M-90A is characterized by increased range and can take more fuel for refueling aircraft.


Meanwhile, the Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) MiG successfully completed factory tests in the Lukhovitsy (Moscow region) of the MiG-35 multipurpose fighter, created in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

"The MiG-35 aircraft complex in its combat capabilities, the volume and efficiency of the tasks being solved, the" price / quality "ratio is today a perfect combat vehicle for operations in situations of high-intensity armed conflicts. The aircraft makes it possible to use the entire range of existing and prospective Russian and foreign weapons, including those intended for heavy fighters, "said Ilya Tarasenko, Director General of RAC MiG.

During the factory tests, a full range of works was carried out to check the on-board radio-electronic equipment, the sighting and navigation system, radar equipment, engines and all aircraft systems.


The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCS) conducts tests of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (on-board aircraft No. 97006) with fixed wing tips in Zhukovsky (Moscow region). The configuration of saber-like endings, installed on the SSJ100, was the result of a set of computational studies, engineering and experimental works conducted by the aircraft designer with the participation of TsAGI. The installation of saber-like tips allows you to simultaneously improve the take-off and landing characteristics and reduce fuel consumption by at least 3%. The expected improvement in the landing characteristics will be appreciated by airlines operating SSJ100 on the regional network of aerodromes, as well as in hot climates and highlands.

"The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company is consistently implementing the program to upgrade the SSJ100 aircraft to expand its sales markets, increase the number of customers, increase the satisfaction of operators and maintain a high level of its competitiveness. The introduction of wing tips, which is a part of this aircraft improvement program, will also save airlines up to 5 million rubles a year for one SSJ100, "the president of the SCA Alexander Rubtsov said.

July 12 at the aerodrome LII named after M.Gromov in Zhukovsky, this Superjet made an emergency landing with an incompletely released right-hand landing gear.

After the production of fuel, an emergency landing was made to the runway, flooded with foam. Landing passed safely. On board were three crew members, none of them was injured. In the SSC reported that "damage to the aircraft after performing a hard landing is insignificant, the aircraft will be restored to continue testing."


July 20 in Zhukovsky for flight and certification tests flew the second experienced aircraft MS-21 with the onboard number 73053. The plane made a six-hour non-stop flight from Irkutsk.

Further tests of the second flight model of the machine together with the first aircraft will be carried out on the basis of the Flight Testing and Refining Complex (LIIDK) of the OKB im. A.Yakovlev.

Shortly before the flight to Moscow, the aircraft was "dressed" in a new livery: it was painted white to "clearly demonstrate the high quality of the glider surface and the accuracy of the docking of the fuselage compartments."


There, in Zhukovsky, flight tests of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation of Su-57 with the engine of the second stage are being carried out. The first flight of the airplane-laboratory Su-57 on board No. 052 was performed in early December 2017.

When creating a perspective engine for the Su-57, the latest technologies and materials were applied, the use of which allowed to meet the technical requirements for the fifth-generation power plant.

The increase in the specific thrust of the power plant provides the aircraft with supersonic cruising speed, and at the expense of reducing the specific fuel consumption, the economy of the engine is improved. The power plant is equipped with an integrated intelligent control system "airplane - engine", the most informative and convenient for the pilot.

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov said: "A successful flight with a new engine gives an additional impetus to the program of a fifth generation fighter. This is proof of the high potential of Russian aircraft building, capable of creating highly intelligent advanced systems - a unique glider, innovative digital stuffing, the latest engines. "


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