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New secure communication system tested for Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet

Sergey Bobilev/TASS

New secure communication system tested for Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet - Military & Defense - TASS

In addition to advanced anti-jamming technologies, the system "ensures constant cryptographic protection of communications"

MOSCOW, September 18. /TASS/. The newest version of Russia’s combined system of communications, data exchange, navigation and identification (OSNOD) with enhanced encryption protection and anti-jamming features is now being tested for Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighter jet.

Alexei Ratner, the head of the Polet science and technical center of the Russian Electronics holding (part of Rostec state corporation), told TASS that the system has been developed for a long period of time and has already been available in several variants.

"The Su-57 variant was designed specifically for this aircraft and is now undergoing state trials as part of its systems," Ratner said.

In addition to advanced anti-jamming technologies, the system "ensures constant cryptographic protection of communications." "In other words, intercepting them will produce no result," Ratner said, adding that those features make the system one of the world’s most protected ones.

Su-57 multirole fifth-generation fighter jet is designed to destroy all air, ground, and water surface targets, monitor the airspace at major distances from deployment bases, make adversary headquarters, command posts and control systems inoperative. The jet can engage a broad range of guided and unguided weapons, including air-to-air short, medium and long-range missiles, smart 250, 500 and 1500 kg bombs (the latter from outside suspension). Maximum combat payload is 10 tons. The aircraft stealth characteristics are boosted by the construction shape, as well as reflecting and absorbing coating materials and electronic warfare means. Some weapons are hidden inside the aircraft to decrease signature. The measures weaken the reflected signal and deviate it from the source. Adversary radar does not receive the information on the location and speed of the aircraft. Low signature in the optical band is ensured by digital (pixel) camouflage painting of the aircraft. In February 2018 two Su-57 were tested in Syria and launched prospective operational and tactical cruise missiles.


OSNOD has been in service with domestic aviation since the 1970s and is constantly being improved. Now state tests as part of the Su-57 is the last generation system. Its main advantage is increased noise immunity - data transmission is carried out in conditions of active electronic countermeasures.

“In addition, a constant cryptographic protection of communications is provided, that is, interception of messages in this system will not lead to anything. Today it is one of the most noise-proof communication systems, ”Ratner emphasized.

According to the developer, OSNOD is an important element of avionics. The system is necessary for controlling aircraft and helicopters in real time. To coordinate the actions of aviation technology, special terminals are used that can be installed on ships, ground mobile and stationary objects.

As a military expert, retired colonel Mikhail Tymoshenko explained in an interview with RT, OSNOD transmits both digital information received by various radars and voice commands.

“Cryptographic protection, which is described by the representative of Flight, is, in essence, encryption. The degree of protection of communication channels in military aviation should be at a very high level. Of course, theoretically, the adversary can intercept and decode the data, but this requires a lot of time, ”said Tymoshenko.

According to the expert, while the decryption process will take place, the aviation link will already complete the combat mission.

The performance characteristics of the OSNOD modification, which will be installed on serial models of the Su-57, are not publicly available. In a RT commentary, Honored Pilot of the Russian Federation Major General Vladimir Popov said that the fifth-generation Russian fighter is equipped with the most modern avionics.

“Details for obvious reasons were not disclosed. But it is no secret that the arms control processes in the Su-57 can be carried out automatically and almost synchronously. I mean the work of optoelectronic, radar and thermal imaging equipment. On fourth-generation airplanes, all these complexes are present, but their work is segmented into separate areas, ”the expert noted. Source:

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