Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: Kazan and Prince Vladimir nuclear submarines are completing tests

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The newest Russian submarines are the strategic submarine carrier Prince Vladimir of Project 955A and the 885M multi-purpose nuclear submarine Kazan of the project 885M are completing tests, said a representative of the Russian Northern Fleet, Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the brigade of submarines being built and repaired by the Northern Fleet deployed in Severodvinsk, the captain of the first rank said that in recent years the newest nuclear submarines of the 4th generation - Yuri Dolgoruky "," Alexander Nevsky "," Vladimir Monomakh "of the project" Borey "and the multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL)" Severodvinsk "of the project" Ash ". In addition, the submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir and the multi-purpose submarine Kazan Kazan are completing the tests.

Earlier it was reported that nuclear submarines "Prince Vladimir" of Project 995A (cipher Borey-A) and Kazan of Project 885M (cipher Yasen-M), taking into account the contract deadlines shifted to the right, will be transferred to the fleet in 2019. that in 2019 the Navy will consist of two nuclear submarines - Prince Oleg (project Borey-A) and Novosibirsk (project Yasen-M). And a year later, the Russian Navy will receive two Boreas at once. The eighth Borey and the seventh Ash Tree are scheduled to go to the fleet in 2021 and 2023, respectively, but given the pace of construction, it’s likely that these deadlines should be shifted be right for at least a year.

It also clarifies that all the submarines of the two projects are planned to be distributed approximately equally between the Northern and Pacific Fleets: One basic Borey and three advanced Boreas-A will be delivered to the Federation Council, two basic Boreas and two advanced Boreas will go to the FC -A.The situation is almost the same for "Yasens", here the submarines were distributed in the following way: SF one-base "Ash" and three improved "Ash-M", on the TF - three improved "Ash-M". 


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