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Japan to start domestic production of supersonic air-to-ship missile next fiscal year

First domestic production, to introduce supersonic air-to-ship missile next fiscal year

July 17, 2017 07

From next year, the government has decided to introduce the new type of air-to-ship missile under development to the Air Self Defense Force's F 2 fighter aircraft.

The procurement cost of several hundred million yen is posted in the estimate request for FY 2018, and the mass production system is entered. It is the first supersonic speed as a domestic air-to-ship missile, which is characterized by being difficult to intercept. There is an aim to check the Chinese Navy where the aggressive activities are prominent in the East China Sea.

 The domestically produced air-to-ship missile that has already been introduced has "80 type" and "93 type" close to the sound speed, but the new model has a dramatically faster speed of about 3 times the flight speed of 93 type than the 93 type . In terms of speed, we line up with the most advanced missiles of the same kind abroad.

 The time to hit the target is greatly shortened, and the enemy ships are less likely to intercept the missiles because they can fly at low altitude near the sea surface that can not be caught by the radar. It is said that the range will be longer than 93 types (hundreds of kilometers).

Translated by Google – Source: yomiuri.co.jp

XASM-3 supersonic air-to-ship missile

XASM-3 is capable of reaching Mach 3 speeds thanks to its ramjet engine fed by two air intakes (in a similar fashion to MBDA's Meteor air to air missile of to the French ASMP-A air-launched tactical nuclear missile). XASM-3 is flying close to sea level in the final stage of attack to reduce probability of detection and intercept.

XASM-3 basic specifications:
Overall length: 5.25m
Maximum speed: Mach 3 or more
Firing range: 80nm (about 150km) or more
Weight: 900kg
Power: Integral Rocket Ramjet
Navigation and seeker: inertial / GPS (intermediate stage) + active / passive seeker (terminal phase) Source: navyrecognition.com

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