Sunday, 16 July 2017

Premier of Bulgaria referred to "MiG" as one of the options

Premier of Bulgaria referred to "MiG"

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov told reporters in the parliament building, said that negotiations with the three countries for the purchase of fighter planes, said "military parity" with reference to Novinite (7 July).

Need to buy new planes, not used, he said. Borisov said that the new aircraft manufactured by companies engaged in the assembly of the F-16, Eurofighter, Gripen and "MiG" (MiG).

Premier added that the government will speed up the negotiations, as the deal requires a very high cost and the rush is irrelevant here. Particular attention will be given to schemes of payment and the cost of the aircraft offered by potential suppliers. Responsible for negotiations is appointed Minister of Defense.

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Slip of the tongue?.....Or may this be true as new MiG-35 are much cheaper than the new Gripens…….

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