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Does the Algerian army want to buy Su-57 and Mig-35?


Does the Algerian army want to buy Su-57 and Mig-35? – Photo | MbS News:

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At the MAKS Moscow Airspace and Space Show, the Algerian Air Force delegation has twice visited the 5th generation stealth fighter Su-57 and the generation Mig-35 fighter aircraft. 4+, reported the Menadefense military news site.

As part of the rearmament effort of its various components, a delegation of the Algerian National People's Army (ANP), led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, General Major Hamid Boumaïza, went to the MAKS exhibition of aeronautics and space in Moscow, said the Algerian site Menadefense military information. The Algerian delegation was particularly interested in the 5th generation stealth fighter Su-57 and the generation 4 + Mig-35 fighter, the source said.

The Algerian delegation in Maks twice visited the Su 57

The media pointed out that the Algerians had been invited by Alexander Mikheev, the CEO of Rosoboronexport. "The Algerian delegation has also, according to our Russian contacts, twice visited the stealth fighter Su-57 and lingered at Russian Helicopters before the model of the Mig-35," said Menadefense, adding that drones were also a subject of interest for Algeria as well as transport apparatus.

The Su-57, the 5th generation stealth aircraft

The Su-57 fighter jet is equipped with a "fifth generation multifunctional aviation system that equips the aircraft with high intelligence," says the brochure published on the occasion of the manufacturer's 80th anniversary. Sukhoi aircraft. This system "is at the forefront of stealth, able to maintain a wide line of intercepting air targets and eliminating land targets. It was launched in series in 2019 ", it is specified in the text.

The Su-57 aircraft took off for the first time in 2010. The combination of high maneuverability with the ability to perform supersonic flights, state-of-the-art on-board equipment and stealth ensure superiority over competitors, according to the manufacturer's declarations.

The Mig-35, new flagship of the Russian army

The Mig-35, built on the basis of the Mig-29, is equipped with a 5th generation aiming system. The new radar of this jet plane has a range of 300 kilometers. He is able to track and target up to 10 goals. The hunter determines the dangerous installations autonomously to destroy them in priority.

The aircraft is equipped with an infrared pointing device developed using space technologies that had never yet been applied to the aeronautical field. This has improved the effectiveness of this system in combat. Builders have also perfected a number of interior modules and installed more powerful devices. Thanks to the materials used, the hunter has become lighter and, therefore, more mobile and faster.

Capacity development of the ANP

In an interview with ., Mokhtar Said Mediouni, ex-colonel of the Algerian Air Force, uncovered the stakes of the modernization initiative initiated since 2007 by the ANP's high command. He discussed the goals that the latter has set for the development of its military industry and the impact on the civilian economy. He also emphasized the need to master advanced technologies.
For example, the former senior officer of the Air Force said that "the modernization movement has transformed all the components of the ANP, namely the naval forces that are currently equipped by very modern means in relation to to the situation they were in 20 years ago. " "In addition to land forces, air and land defense," he said.

"The Algerian army does not just want to consume military means, but it also wants to understand and master the advanced technological systems and develop its own industry with its own resources," he insisted, noting that the PNA wanted to "acquire in a more pragmatic way these technologies and to make that their control is even more effective".

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