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Turks Called the American F-16 "Junk" After Watching the Russian Su-35 in Action

Turks Called the American F-16 "Junk" After Watching the Russian Su-35 in Action • Stalker Zone

The pilotage shown by Russian pilots in Istanbul received the most lively responses from Turkish citizens – both experts and ordinary residents of the country. As a reminder, the SU-35 showed a number of its capabilities in respect of manoeuvring and the performance of aerobatic manoeuvres during the “Teknofest 2019” festival of military technologies and dual-use technologies.

The easiest way to learn the opinion of Turkish citizens in relation to the Russian 4th generation warplane is to get acquainted with the comments left by them under the video showing the flight of the SU-35 in the Istanbul sky.

It should be noted that in general Turkish users – both those who watched the flight “live” and those who got acquainted with the video – remained delighted with the capabilities of the Russian fighter jet.

Here are several comments.

Metin Eksa:

“Watching the flight of this plane, I dreamed that this plane would become our fighter jet made at our plant. Today we don’t need the American devil, but the Russian bear is needed.”

Phönix – Diriliş başladı:

“It is much better than the American junk! America doesn’t take anybody except Russia seriously.”

Other users calls to abandon “American junk – F-16” and to replace them with Russian fighter jets.


“At 02:34 ‘Pugachev’s cobra’: an ideal combination of aerodynamics and thrust vectoring.”

Yavuz Ortakci:

“We’d better get involved in SU-57 production.”

Galip Sayin:

“It is unknown whether the Russians will approve the transfer of technologies, but if yes, then 20-30 of such planes must be bought.”

There are also attempts to joke – Turgay Tekdemir:

The pilot took a glass of vodka and boarded the plane :).”

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