Sunday, 29 September 2019

Greece abandons the American F-35 in favor of the modernized Russian S-300

Greece abandons the American F-35 in favor of the modernized Russian S-300:

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Greek authorities plan to upgrade the Russian S-300 air defense systems, which are in service with this country, to the detriment of the acquisition of fifth-generation American fighters. Negotiations on the modernization of the S-300 are already underway, which suggests that Greece has decided to abandon American combat aircraft, but at the same time maintain high security of its airspace.

“In the case of the acquisition by the Greeks of F-35 and the admission of Russian specialists to the S-300 modernization process, there may be a situation where it is necessary to enter data on American fighters in the recognition systems of Russian-made radars. In the USA, they are afraid that these data “Russians will be able to count - abduct.” If Russia has access to the process of modernizing the S-300 in Greece, this country will leave the list of those who were going to put the F-35 - by analogy with the Turkish partners in NATO , ”the Military Review publication reports.

According to analysts, in reality, given the difficult economic situation in the country, the acquisition of F-35 fighters will only hit the budget of this state, but will not provide decent protection, while the modernization of S-300 systems will increase security from Turkey itself. in service with Greece, the Russian S-300s are today the most long-range air defense systems in this country.

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