Friday, 27 September 2019

Israeli military aircraft flew near the base of the Russian Navy

Syria News September 26, 2019. Israeli military aircraft flew near the base of the Russian Navy, CAA strikes, but does not attack

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Provocative flight?

Despite the existing agreements between Russia and Israel regarding Syria, several hours ago, an Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was seen near the Russian military base in Tartus, approaching the Russian Navy base at a distance of 60-65 kilometers.

The exact purpose of the Israeli military aircraft flying near the base of the Russian navy is not known, but experts believe that Tel Aviv is interested in deploying and activating both Russian and Syrian air defense systems, which, obviously, also indicates early possible attacks Israel on the territory of the SAR.

There are blows, no offensive

Syrian troops continue to strike at militant positions in the provinces of Latakia and Idlib, however, at the moment, there is no talk of resuming the offensive operation, due primarily to the lack of appropriate support from the air forces.

On the other hand, experts note that the initial task of the completed offensive operation was to ensure the security of Russian military bases, since the Russian side continues to adhere to the agreements on the creation of a de-escalation zone in Idlib.

CAEW Conformal Airborne Early Warning Aircraft – G550 airframe: Details

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