Monday, 2 September 2019

Panus R600 8x8 Field Testing - YouTube


R 600 8 X 8 ผลงานของคนไทยทดสอบในสนามครั้งแรก! - YouTube

Translated by google

The first 8X8 R 600 wheeled armor vehicle will be equipped with the NEFER 30mm automatic turret! 

Phanat Assembly Company is in the process of constructing an 8X8 rubber armored vehicle called the prototype "R 600", which is currently undergoing the installation of a 600 horsepower Cummins engine and Place the gear set Including piping and electrical wiring Expected to be completed soon. 

The first R 600 is expected to be an infantry combat vehicle version. Installed the NEFER automatic turret of ASELSAN, Turkey, and equipped with a 30 mm gun

In addition, Panas will also build the R 600 into a car that can be used in a variety of ways. There are many versions Such as an army transporter Artillery Car Vehicle equipped with missile weapons Antiaircraft Amphibious vehicles, for example, to meet the needs of the army. 

The design engineers have designed over 100 different looks to look like no other car in the world. Finally came to an end like this. 

The aim of the R 600 was to provide the military with quality, high-performance vehicles that can be repaired and delivered locally. At a reasonable price The important thing is that the work of Thai people is produced domestically, "We did well" ... 

In addition, 8X8 rubber armor wheels are still needed in the world market Phanat foresees to build sales to foreign countries in the future as well ... must help each other to encourage and support each other.

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