Friday, 8 September 2017

Kuznetsov to test Tu-160M2's NК-32-02 turbofans on the modernised test stand

The Kuznetsov air test stand was certified for modernized NK-32 engines

07 SEP 2017

The aircraft test stand No. 1 of the Samara PJSC Kuznetsov (part of the United Engine Building Corporation) after a large-scale reconstruction was certified for the new NK-32 series 02 engines for the Tu-160 bomber-bomber.

The commissioning of this facility is a significant step in the production of the NK-32 series 02 engine for the Tu-160 series. It is here that new and repair engines of this type will be tested.

Earlier at PJSC "Kuznetsov" aircraft engine tests were carried out at two stands, but taking into account the growth of the production program for the state defense order, there was a need to expand the capacity of the test complex, the press service of the enterprise noted.

"The upgraded booth # 1 will significantly shorten the timeframe for testing our products and improve the quality of products through the introduction of a new automated system for measuring and evaluating engine parameters," said Sergey Pavlinich, Deputy General Director and Managing Director of PJSC Kuznetsov. "The growing volumes of state defense order and strict deadlines for execution on it require us to optimize and accelerate all production processes, and the large-scale measures taken at stand No. 1 will allow us to work in this way."  

Reconstruction of stand No. 1 began at the end of 2015, and already in December 2016 the works were completed in full. As a result of the modernization of the stand, the remote control stand and test box, the administrative and household building were completely reconstructed. Also, engineering networks and bench systems have been completely replaced: fuel, air, oil system, generator loading system, automated process control systems. Installation of a new exhaust shaft and an air intake shaft has been carried out. In addition, to the building where the stand was located, a new engine preparation room was added for testing over an area of ​​more than 1200 square meters. m.     


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