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On the Amur GCC launched the second serial corvette project 20380

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On the Amur GCC launched the second serial corvette project 20380 "Military Review

The latest corvette of the 20380 project “Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov” was removed from the transport dock “Zeya” and moved to the outbuilding pier for the final stage of technical work. This was reported by the press service of the Eastern Military District.

According to the report, the corvette was successfully launched from the vehicle dock, where he stayed from September 12 and transferred to the outfitting pier, where there will be carried out to completion of the ship and its preparation for mooring trials. In particular, the ship will be installed integrated tower-mast construction, with all the systems, will continue to the final assembly line of the shaft, the main and auxiliary diesel engines and then running mechanisms.

According to the plans of shipbuilders, in June next year, the corvette will be translated into acceptance base in Primorsky Territory for final outfitting, completion of the mooring of the ship and began running tests. Enter the ship of the Russian Navy is scheduled for 2020, he will join the Pacific Fleet Russia.

Multi-purpose patrol ship (corvette) 20380 "Hero of Russia Aldar Tsydenzhapov" is the third in a series and the second serial corvette, built at the Amur shipyard. Founded July 22, 2015, slipway construction completed September 12, 2019, the ship was taken out of the shop and placed in the transport and trigger the dock.

Earlier Amur CVD transferred to the Pacific Fleet head corvette series "Perfect" (20 July 2017) and the first production Corvette "Loud" (25 December 2018). The fourth in the series and the third serial corvette "sharp" laid on the Amur CVD July 1, 2016.

Project 20380 corvettes are classified as multi-purpose surface warships of the 2nd rank near sea area. NATO classification are frigates. Developed in the CB "Diamond". To date, as part of the Russian Navy is six ships of this series: 4 - as part of the Baltic Fleet, two more - in the Pacific Fleet.

Purpose - actions in the near sea zone and conduct combat surface ships and submarines, as well as artillery support amphibious landing during the amphibious operations by application of missile and artillery attacks on ships and boats in the sea, and the bases, patrol the area of responsibility with a view to blockade.

New radars 

Russian corvettes of project 20380 will get innovative radars which detect both aircraft, anti-ship missiles and small drones. Together with Redut air defense, the radars make the corvettes practically invulnerable for air attacks, the Izvestia daily writes.

The new radars with three stationary slates will be experimentally installed on two corvettes of the project - the Aldar Tsydenzhapov and the Rezky. Both are being built for the Pacific fleet. In case of successful trials, the radars will be installed on subsequent warships of the project, the Navy told the newspaper.

The antenna array of the new radar has three grids mounted on the foremast. The old radars interrupt the image because of rotating receiver-transmitter. The new radar provides an exact and uninterrupted image. It detects and identifies low-flying and small targets at a bigger distance. The new radars will help warships better fight cruise missiles flying at a low altitude to the target. Source

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