Monday, 7 October 2019

The secret of Russian anti-aircraft missiles against stealth airplanes revealed - Раскрыт секрет российских зенитных ракет против "стелс"-самолётов

Раскрыт секрет российских зенитных ракет против "стелс"-самолётов

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It became known how Russian air defense systems can deal with stealth airplanes.

Despite the fact that Washington makes a key bet on the “invisibility” of its aircraft for air defense, it turned out that the Russian military has long resolved this problem, and if such a need arises, the effectiveness of hitting stealth fighters and stealth -Bombers will be no less than with conventional aircraft.

As it turned out, to combat targets that are “invisible” for air defense systems, Russian air defense systems have long been using anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) with radio-guided technology from the appearance of S-400 air defense systems - approx. which stealth technologies do not save. A similar opportunity was realized in the radars of the air defense systems themselves, however, due to the limited range, miniature guidance and correction systems were also installed in the SAM.

“In fact, this approach allows you to forget about the launched rocket - it will detect the target and successfully hit it,” the experts said.

According to a number of data, a similar, but more advanced technology is implemented in the Prometheus S-500 systems

S-400 Triumph (SA-21 Growler): Details

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