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Parachute landing system for military vehicles to be tested in Russia

Military & Defense August 09, 11:15 UTC+3

The multi-dome parachute landing system was designed to airdrop the BMD-4M armored fighting vehicles with crews inside from military transport aircraft

PSKOV, August 9. /TASS/. The Bakhcha-UPDS multi-dome parachute landing system will be tested during combat exercises near Pskov, the Russian Defense Ministry has told reporters on Wednesday.

"During the exercises, the 929th State Flying Test Center is conducting state joint landing tests for the Bakhcha-UPDS multi-dome parachute landing system. The BMD-4M armored fighting vehicles and the BTR-MD Rakushka armored personnel carriers will be airdropped with the P325 parachute landing system. In order to train a series of landings, the BTR-D armored personnel carrier will be airdropped third with the PBS-925 parachute landing system, according to the test program," the ministry said............Read rest of article: HERE

Bakhcha-UPDS multi-dome parachute landing system

Holding "Technodinamics" of the State Corporation Rostekh ships parachute systems for armored vehicles (APCs) and combat vehicles (BMD), developed in the interests of the Airborne Forces for state joint tests. In 2017, the landing force will begin to be delivered to the Russian troops.

Holding "Technodinamics" of the State Corporation Rostek ships parachute systems PBS-950U ("Bakhcha-U-PDS") for state joint tests in the State Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defense named after V. P. Chkalov. "Now the products are at the first stage of state joint tests, which will last until the end of December 2016," says the head of "Technodynamics" Maxim Kuzyuk. - The first discharges of combat vehicles with the means of landing the "Technodynamics" were successful. " According to him, deliveries of parachute systems to the airborne troops will begin in 2017.

The new system, developed by the Universal corporation "Universal", which is part of the holding company, is intended for delivery to the land of combat vehicles with crew, dropped from Il-76 aircraft and their modifications. It allows you to deliver the equipment to the designated point, ensuring the complete safety of the combat vehicle and its readiness for action immediately after landing. According to its characteristics, the system of "Technodynamics" does not have foreign analogues.

Bakhcha-U-PDS consists of a suspension, shock-absorbing, and also a parachute system. The parachute system was developed by the Parachute Research Institute (part of the "Technodynamics") and includes 11 blocks of main parachutes of 350 square meters. M each. An innovative solution when creating the landing equipment is the developed principle of "forced boost", which is guaranteed to ensure reduction of overloads to acceptable values ​​at the landing. Holding "Technodinamics"

01.08.2017 From 2018 Airborne receive mnogokupolnuyu parachute system "Bakhcha-U-PDS", which allows you to parachute from the air combat vehicles BMD-4M. About this, according to TASS, said the commander of the airborne forces, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov. "This year the state tests of the new parachute system" Bakhcha-U-PDS ", intended for the landing of BMD-4M and other equipment from military transport aircraft, are being completed. By the end of the year, we plan to complete this work, sometime in the beginning of next year this system will be adopted and scheduled to equip primarily our parachute units and permanent readiness units, "Serdyukov said. 

Parachute freeform means PBS-950U ("Bakhcha-U-PDS") is designed to land the combat vehicle of the BMD-4 landing force (with the crew inside it) and the BTR "Rakushka" from the Il-76 family aircraft. It consists of 11 blocks of basic parachutes of 350 square meters each.

At present, the following types of landing vehicles are manufactured at the Universal: the PBS-950 is designed for parachute landing of the BMD-3 landing combat vehicle with its crew and machines on its base weighing up to 13,200 kg. On land from the IL-76 (M, MD, MD-90). 

PBS-950U (Bakhcha-U-PDS) - is designed for parachute landing of the BMD-4 landing combat vehicle with the crew inside it and BTR "Rakushka" with a mass of up to 14500 kg. On land from the IL-76 (M, MD, MD-90).

PBS-952 (Octopus PDS) - is designed for parachute landing of 125 mm self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25 "Sprut-SD" with the crew inside and cars on its base weighing up to 18,000 kg. On land from the aircraft IL-76M (MD, MD-90). Parachute landing aids PBS-950, PBS-950U are designed for landing combat vehicles of the landing BMD-3,4 and modifications on their base with a crew of Il-76 aircraft.

In the summer of 2014, the Holding Company "Aviation Equipment" of Rostekh State Corporation successfully completed one of the main stages of testing a new multi-dome parachute-freeborne landing system PBS-950U (Bahchya-U-PDS). The new PBS-950U is designed for delivery to the land of a BMD-4M combat vehicle with a crew and a mass of up to 14500 kg. Of the Il-76 type aircraft, which are traditionally used for the transport and landing of heavy military and civilian cargo. It is planned that, after successfully passing all the test stages, the PBS-950U (Bahcha- U-PDS) will be supplied to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


The maximum flight mass of vehicles with landing vehicles PBS-950, kg 14700 Weight of landing vehicles, kg 1500 The maximum number placed in the cargo cabin of the aircraft, pcs.
• Il-76 2
• Il-76M (MD) 3
Flight speed of the aircraft with the device during the landing, km / h 300-360
The height of the landing above the landing site, m 300-1500
The height of the landing site above sea level up to, m 2500
The multiplicity of the means Airborne assault 5
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