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Russian nuclear submarines will disappear from enemy radar

"Borei" and "Yaseni" will equip with silent "stealth" pumps of new generation

August 15, 2017, 00:01

The newest Russian submarines of Project 995 of the type "Borey-A" and 885 "Yasen-M" will turn into "black holes" for submarines, anti-submarine ships and enemy aircraft. They will become virtually indistinguishable for hydroacoustic stations - the main means of detecting submarines. These unique capabilities of the submarine were obtained thanks to the latest silent, hermetic pumps of domestic production. Previously, all Soviet and Russian boats were equipped with the products of the Moldavian scientific and technical center "Hydrotechnika".

In the construction of each boat dozens of pumps. In fact, this is the heart and blood system of the nuclear submarine. They provide circulation of liquid in the reactor, ascent and immersion, water filling torpedo tubes before the shot, cooling systems and equipment of submarines. But the noise from their work is the main unmasking feature of an atomic submarine. It is he who is heard by the sonar's sonar stations.

Unique Russian pumps are developed and serially produced by the company "Lopastnye hydraulic machines" (LGM). As "Izvestia" was told in the Navy Commander-in-Chief, the new airless sealed electric pumps passed a full cycle of tests and are included in technical projects of the under construction and prospective nuclear submarines of the Navy.

The LGM confirmed that the pumps were completed, their delivery to the customer began.

"The products and the production line have been completely created at the expense of the enterprise," Roman Põkhtin, Executive Director of LGM, told Izvestiya. - All pumps meet the 4th category requirements for vibration hydraulic equipment. This is the highest category of products. In the world, such things produce only a few firms. Their characteristics are considered top secret, since they determine the physical portrait of each particular submarine. Knowing these parameters, it can be easily detected against the background of the natural noises of the ocean.

RTC "Hydrotechnika" (Chisinau) since 1962 supplied pumping systems for the Soviet and Russian Navy. Until recently, Moldovan products were purchased for all ships built by the Russian Navy. Pumps of LGM are completely Russian products. They have a simple design, small dimensions and improved vibro-noise insulation. A full-power pump can hold a five-ruble coin on its lid.

The expert on naval armaments Vladimir Shcherbakov told Izvestia that reducing the noise level of the submarine systems and mechanisms is one of the most serious problems.

- The noise of the submarine is affected by many factors, - said Vladimir Shcherbakov. - First of all, this is the work of the main power plant: nuclear reactor, pumps, diesel engines, shafts, propellers or water jet. In the case of screws and water cannons, noise reduction is achieved by improving their circuits. Reduce the visibility of a working diesel engine or auxiliary machinery can be due to the suspension systems and rubber mats for which they are installed. With the work of the reactor is more difficult, you cannot put it on the vibro platform, you cannot overlay the rugs. Therefore, it is possible to achieve noise reduction by improving the operation of the pumps providing it. The noise of the continuously circulating liquid is the loudest on the submarine.

At present, nuclear submarines Borey-A (5 units) and Yasen-M (6 units) are under construction in the interests of the Navy for new projects. Their peculiarity is the use of only domestic equipment. In the future, modular ships of the 5th generation of the "Husky" type will be laid, on which systems and mechanisms of exclusively Russian production should also be installed.

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