Monday, 15 January 2018

Greece to negotiate FREMM Frigate or Gowind corvette acquisition with France

FREMM Frigate 

According to

Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini reported last week that the Greek government is set to enter talks with France regarding the procurement of two FREMM frigates. Contacts between Greece and France will begin initially at a military level, starting in February the newspaper explains, citing well informed sources.

According to Kathimerini, this move comes after a verbal agreement between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and French President Emmanuel Makron during his last visit to Athens last September. If an agreement cannot be reached on the frigates because of their cost, the discussion will likely veer to the Gowind corvette…….Read rest of article: HERE

Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini also reported interest in OH-58D helicopters from USA

A delegation of Greek officers will be in the United States in February to inspect the concrete boats that will be used to transport the frogs' This commission follows the recent agreement with the US to acquire 70 KiWa-Warrior OH-58D helicopters, which was finally approved by the KYSEA and is estimated to be a major upgrade of the Army Air Force Army.

Early arrivals of helicopters will start in 2018 and their initial operational capacity is expected to have been achieved by 2019. The head of the Allied Air Force, Stephanie is the fastest possible integration into the structures of the Army Air Force with their dispersion in the Aegean islands. Of the 70 helicopters, 36 will arrive in Greece with their full equipment. The rest will be used for training and spare parts. Source:

FREMM Frigate: Details

Gowind® 2500 Corvette: Details

OH-58D/F Kiowa Warrior: Details

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