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Deliveries of Russian tanks in Vietnam has sparked interest in China

Russian T-90s

2018-01-12 12:00:07

The fact of acquiring vietnam party of the Russian T-90s tanks has generated considerable interest in neighboring China, according to the Russian newspaper with reference to the portal mil. News. Sina. Com. Cn. Tropical monsoon climate of vietnam, with its abundant rainfall and high humidity, and difficult terrain, makes it difficult to use in this country of heavy equipment. However, without tanks is not enough, they need to support the infantry, writes a resource. Evaluating the current state branemark vietnam, the author notes that the vehicles are in service for over 30 years. "There are even samples, taken into service half a century ago: vietnam, for instance, still operates t-34. So the desire to buy new equipment is quite justified", – stated in the article. The magazine says that T-90s the best choice, because the characteristics of the Russian machine is most optimal for South-east asia: "Russian tank weighs 46 tons, it will be easier to overcome difficult terrain.

Firepower and armor protection must also meet the vietnamese military. " however, the author asks, "How T-90 is adapted to a hot and humid environment" of vietnam. In his opinion, the Russian tanks "Are easier to tolerate winter frost". Supposedly in India they "Could not stand the heat and had serious problems". The meaning of these articles is obvious – "If there are tanks for the tropical climate, only chinese," the newspaper said. According to experts at the armored vehicles klopotova alexei, the Russian T-90s can operate successfully at temperatures of about 50 degrees celsius and above, and demonstrated their operation in India. "Nineties" for the most part are just in hot countries – algeria, Azerbaijan, turkmenistan, uganda. A separate issue is the use of fighting in Syria, here tagil combat, they demonstrated their best qualities.

Currently, our armored vehicles install high-efficiency air conditioners, which significantly improve the ability of the crew and equipment of the tank. Therefore, this publication will likely aim to question the quality of Russian technology to promote their own, explained hassle. .

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