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The Ka-52 helicopters will get upgraded

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"Alligator" is waiting for rebirth: Ka-52 helicopters will be upgraded

They will actually turn into new combat vehicles with powerful armor and an increased range of destruction.

October 23, 2018 00:01

Roman Kretzul & Aleksey Ramm

 The Russian military ordered a super- "Alligators". Following the results of the operation in Syria, the Ka-52 reconnaissance-attack helicopter will undergo major changes. Experimental design work for two years. After their graduation, the military will receive an un-upgraded "Alligator", and in fact a completely new combat vehicle. Its parameters will exceed both domestic and foreign developments. In particular, the Ka-52 will have a new composite armor, its arsenal will replenish the Whirlwind missiles and the Hermes ultra-long-range complexes. Optoelectronic systems will also change. This will allow helicopter pilots at any time of the day to hit targets at a distance of over 10 km. 

According to Izvestia, engineers are now working on the task of increasing the strength of the cockpit without increasing the total weight of the helicopter (slightly more than 10 tons, which is less than the mass of most other helicopter gunships). It will be solved by replacing titanium with high-strength composite materials. Composite armor will be able to withstand hitting not only 23-mm shells, but also fire 57-mm automatic guns. 

In addition, it is planned to modernize the gyrostabilized optical-electronic system (GOES-451), which is installed in the nose of the helicopter. It is equipped with a camera, thermal imager, laser range finder, target designator, laser sensor and guided missile guidance system. After completion, the system, according to the technical task, will have to detect armored vehicles at a distance of 10 km (now a little more than 5 km). 

The Ka-52 has already proven itself in the destruction of armored vehicles in combat conditions. The helicopter will also be able to detect and destroy individual terrorists.

In addition, the manufacturer was tasked with modifying aviation weapons to increase range. The stated launch range of the Vikhr-M anti-tank missiles, which are mounted on a helicopter, is 10 km. However, at night, when, as a rule, the Ka-52 operates, it does not exceed 5 km.

In addition, as part of the modernization, work on the creation of a Hermes-A guided missile with a range of approximately 20 km should be completed. Her tests are still underway. After their completion, the rocket will become a regular ammunition for Ka-52. A missile with such a range will be aimed at using an on-board radar "Arbalet".

B of lshaya range of weaponry application significantly reduces the probability of losses, as the helicopter does not need to be provided at the forefront, said military expert Anton Lavrov.

- On the other hand, even at a distance from the front edge, shooting from small arms cannot be completely excluded. A group of militants who fired on a raid or hid in some ruins can fire a machine gun. Therefore, an additional reservation will not be superfluous, - he told Izvestia.

Strengthening the body of the helicopter is especially important given the fact that the Ka-52 is often assigned combat missions in the rear of the enemy, he participates in conducting special operations. After modernization, the range of these tasks can be expanded, the expert added.

As Izvestia previously reported, the Ka-52 played an important role in the release of Palmyra last year. They worked as part of reconnaissance-strike complexes. Helicopters detected targets and directed at them Su-25 Grach attack aircraft, which launched missile strikes. Following the results of the operation, the command highly appreciated the effectiveness of the “Alligator” and “Rooks” bundles. 


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