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First experimental flight for Il-112V in October-November of this year


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Il-112V will make the first flight in October-November of this year

The first experimental flight model of the Il-112V was completed by a complex of ground-based frequency tests, confirmed the director of the Il-112V program of the Il-110B light military transport aircraft of the Ilyushin company, Alexander Bykov

MOSCOW, October 5th. / Tass /. After the completion of successful frequency tests, the first Il-112V sample will be transmitted to the flight station of the Voronezh aircraft plant (VASO) to prepare for the first flight. The plane should take to the air in October-November 2018, Alexander Bykov, director of the Il-110 aircraft program of the Il -ushin light military transport company, reported this to TASS on Friday.

"The first flight of the Il-112V is scheduled for this fall in Voronezh," Bykov said.

He confirmed that the first prototype flight model Il-112B completed a complex of ground-based frequency tests at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after N. Ye. Zhukovsky.

"The materials obtained will be used during the methodological council of experimental aviation, which should give a positive conclusion on the first flight of the aircraft," Bykov said. He said that further the aircraft will be handed over "for the conduct of aerodrome workouts at the VASO flight test station and the first flight."

The specialist specified that ground frequency tests of the airframe, automatic and manual control, and landing gear supports were conducted at TsAGI.

As a source in the military-industrial complex reported to TASS earlier, the frequency tests of the Il-112B were completed at TsAGI in September.

About IL-112
The Il-112V light military transport aircraft, capable of carrying a maximum cargo of 5 tons, is intended for transporting soldiers, military equipment, various types of weapons and other goods. The machine is created to replace the turboprop An-26 and An-24. The release is planned in two versions: for civil aviation (Il-112T) and military transport aviation (Il-112V). Earlier it was reported that the military intend to order 62 cars.


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