Sunday, 25 June 2017

Rafale's F3R update on target after latest tests

PARIS: Rafale's F3R update on target after latest tests


Flight test activities involving two key elements of the Dassault Rafale's future F3R operating standard have recently been conducted at DGA defence procurement agency sites.

A final live guided firing with an MBDA Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile was conducted at the Biscarrosse facility in southwest France. This was "performed against an aerial target located at a great distance, and immediately followed by a simulated [MBDA] Mica missile fired against a different target", the DGA says.………Read rest of article: HERE

"The DGA describes the combined Meteor and Mica test as "representative of the new capacities made possible by the association of Meteor and the [Thales] RBE2" active electronically scanned array radar."

"Meanwhile, Thales's Talios laser designation pod has undergone its third and penultimate series of tests with the Rafale. During flights conducted from the Istres test centre, the sensor demonstrated "remarkable accuracy in the extraction of target co-ordinates, and the high quality of the images produced", the DGA says. Work included assessing the system's performance in a close air-support scenario and against moving targets, and in urban, rural, maritime and mountainous environments."

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