Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Russian Su-27 flew within one and a half meters from the US Air Force spy plane

Russian Su-27 flew in one and a half meters from the spy plane US Air Force

18:05, 20 June 2017

Su-27 Russian fighter flew five feet (one and a half meters) from reconnaissance aircraft the US Air Force. It is reported in the Tuesday, June 20, Fox News, with reference to two American officials.

According to the TV channel, the incident took place on 19 June. In this case, Su-27 during a rendezvous with RC-135 was equipped with weapons.

According to sources, "were provocative" actions of the Russian aircraft, the flight was chaotic, and convergence - unsafe.

Fox News reports that from June 2 on the Baltic Sea has already recorded 35 cases of rapprochement between the Russian and American aircraft and warships. With this new remarkable in that he was considered dangerous.

June 6th defense of the Northern Fleet of the MiG-31 fighter to intercept over the neutral waters of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian aircraft is flying along the Russian border with the transponder off. On the same day, the Russian Su-27 fightersintercepted and escorted bomber B-52 US Air Force, flying along the Russian border on the Baltic Sea.

In May, Russian fighter Su-27 twice a week flying near the US spy plane over the Black Sea.

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