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Argentina interested in buying six French Super-Etendards

Argentina is very interested in buying six French Super-Etendards

 By Michel Cabirol  |  23/06/2017, 6:56  |

Argentina would negotiate with France the purchase of six second-hand Super-Etendard fighter jets for an amount of more than 12 million euros.

According to our information, Argentina would negotiate with France the purchase of used six used Super-Etendard fighters for a value estimated at just over 12 million euros. The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) would be ready to provide funding to facilitate this operation. For the time being, the Argentines, who are emerging with difficulty from an unprecedented financial crisis , were trying to negotiate down the amount of the order. According to Infodefensa, Buenos Aires would offer 10 million dollars.

The Argentine Navy had purchased Dassault Aviation 14 Super-Etendard in July 1979. Some of them were engaged in the Falklands war. In 1982, a patrol of two planes sunk the British destroyer HSM Sheffield, hit by an anti-ship missile AM-39 Exoce t (MBDA).

Retired from service in 2016 in France

Designed by Dassault Aviation for the French Navy and commissioned in 1978, the last Super-Etendard (SEM) were retired from active service on July 12, 2016 on the Landivisiau naval base. These aircraft have remained in service for 38 years in the French Navy and have demonstrated their capabilities fully, being fully integrated into the operations of the onboard air group deployed in 2016 in the Gulf.


From earlier report of 8 now down to 6………….

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