Friday, 23 June 2017

Russian warships fire Kalibr cruise missiles, destroy IS arms depots in Syria – with Video

Military & Defense June 23, 9:07 UTC+3

Russia informed the commands of Turkey and Israel timely about the launches of cruise missiles via channels of communication

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Frigates Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich and Krasnodar submarine have destroyed by Kalibr cruise missiles large depots of armaments and ammunition of the Islamic State terrorists in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday.

"Taking advantage of the dark time and a difficult ground relief, the terrorists deploy gunmen via various routes to the Hama province, where later they equip command posts and also depots of armaments and ammunition in large buildings," the ministry said.

The ministry also noted that the command of Russia’s force grouping in Syria has launched a round-the-clock monitoring with the use of all kinds of intelligence on the routes of exit and dispersal areas of the IS terrorists. The detected terrorist targets are destroyed by high-precision weapons systems and aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Forces.

Over the past week, the IS terrorists have continued attempts to leave Raqqa and head to Palmyra via the "southern corridor," it said.


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