Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Thailand interested in buying Korean armored cars and rifles

Thailand interested in buying armored cars, rifles

Wed, June 28, 2017 | 18:50

By Jun Ji-hye

Thailand has shown interest in buying Korea's armored cars and rifles, defense officials here said Wednesday.

Bangkok has already purchased a 3,650-ton frigate made by Daewoo Shipbuilding, which will be delivered to the Royal Thai Navy next year.

The country also signed a deal in September 2015 with Korea Aerospace Industries to buy four T-50TH supersonic trainer jets to replace their Czech Republic-made L39 trainer jets.

Defense officials and scientists from Thailand are visiting Korea as part of their efforts to explore defense industries and organizations.

During their four-day visit that began Monday, Thai officials from the Defense Science and Technology Department (DSTD), led by Deputy Director Maj. Gen. Sombat Prasankasem, and scientists from the Defense Technology Institute (DTI) toured Korea's defense companies, including Poongsan and S&T Motiv.

Poongsan produces ammunition, while S&T Motiv manufactures rifles and machineguns, such as the K-2 and K-12.

The DSTD, part of Thailand's defense ministry, is in charge of defense technology and quality control. The DTI is the ministry-affiliated center that leads research and development and testing and evaluation.

Thai officials and scientists also visited the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ) on Tuesday to learn about Korea's procedures to standardize and guarantee the quality of military supplies and materials.

"The visit took place upon the request of Thailand that seeks to enhance technology cooperation with Korea," the DTaQ said in a release. "The DTaQ explained to Thai officials using examples of standardization and quality assurance of military supplies. The DTaQ also showed them its test facilities."

There is no mention on what type of armored cars......

Daewoo K2 (S&T Motive)

Daewoo K2 -

Daewoo Precision Industries K2: The principal rifle used by the ROK Marines is the Daewoo K2, which is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and takes STANAG (M16-type) magazines.

Daewoo K2 butt folded -

Weight: 3.26 kg (7.2 lb)
Length: 980 mm (39 in) (extended), 730 mm: (29 in) (folded)
Barrel length: 465 mm (18.3 in)
Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO, .223 Remington
Action: Gas operated, Rotating bolt
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Feed System: STANAG Magazines
Sights: Iron Sights


S&T Motive K12

General-purpose machine gun designed K12 South Korean company S & T Motiv to replace obsolete 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun M60 American-made. K12 machine gun was first shown to the public in 2009 at the international exhibition of the Seoul ADEX defense and aerospace technologies.

Performance characteristics
  Caliber, mm
  Length mm
  Barrel length, mm
  Weight, kg
   200 tape cartridges
  Effective range, m
  Maximum range, m
  Rate of fire, rds. / min


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