Thursday, 27 September 2018

Izhevsk plant "Kupol" to make the first delivery of the Arctic SAM "Tor" to the troops before the end of this year


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In Izhevsk, they told us about the delivery dates of the Arctic Tor missile system

Izhevsk plant "Kupol" plans to make the first delivery of the Arctic SAM "Tor" to the troops before the end of this year, TASS reported the company's general director Fanila Ziyatdinova.

The plant finishes OCD and plans the first delivery this year, Ziyatdinov said on the margins of the forum of Russian gunsmiths. He also said that at present the enterprise together with the Defense Ministry is preparing a ten-year program that will allow to conclude long-term contracts and "work with cooperation". In addition, as part of the program, the plant will accumulate experience, calculate its economy for longer periods, implement planned personnel policy and so on, the CEO added. Recall that in February, the Arctic complexes "Tor-M2DT" successfully passed tests at the Kapustin Yar test range (Astrakhan region), having performed live firing.

According to the developers, "Tor-M2" is designed to solve air defense problems at the level of the division. The anti-aircraft complex is capable of protecting ground forces from the attacks of cruise and anti-radar missiles, planning aerial bombs and aircraft. 

The Arctic version of the "Torah" is installed on the chassis of a two-link tractor DT-30PM-T1.


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