Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Test of the IL-76MD-90A aircraft are scheduled to be completed by 2021

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State tests of IL-76MD-90A will be completed by 2021

Moscow, August 31st. The state tests of the IL-76MD-90A aircraft are scheduled to be completed by 2021, said the chief designer of the joint IL-76 program directorate of PJSC "IL" Andrey Yurasov.

According to Yurasov, at present the main stage of the state testing program for new Il-76MD-90A aircraft is being actively implemented. Earlier it was reported that the tests will be completed next year, but Yurasov said that they "will end in 2020-2021".

The designer also said that the Russian Defense Ministry had given a positive preliminary opinion on the results of the flight tests of the new military transport aircraft. Yurasov added that the defense ministry had put forward additional requirements for the appearance of the aircraft.

The first samples of the IL-76MD-90A are already in production, the designer stated.

"The conclusion obtained by PJSC" Il "makes it possible to talk about the production and operation of this aircraft for state customers ... This is a big step towards the beginning of mass production," he stressed.

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