Tuesday, 10 July 2018

S-500 SAM confirm start of testing long-range 40H6E missile

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Prometheus gives a fire. Confirmed the start of testing of the S-500 SAM

The Interfax news agency publishes material confirming the testing of the Prometei S-500 advanced anti-aircraft missile system. Information is published with reference to an informed source. More specific data on the source are not presented.

From material:

Preliminary tests are really underway.

Recall that earlier in the American press there were articles that in Russia began to test the S-500 air defense system. At the same time, it was specially noted that the range of target destruction for this complex is a record. It was noted that the missile of an anti-aircraft missile complex destroyed an air target from a distance of 480 km.

The parameters of the S-500 "Prometheus" are such that the SAM can shoot down almost any aircraft and missiles, including promising ones. It is also worth noting that the S-500 is also being discussed as an anti-satellite weapon.

The day before, information appeared that planned tests of the newest long-range 40H6E missile for the S-400 Triumph missile were completed at the Kapustin Yar test site. According to some information, on the basis of this particular missile, the combat equipment of the S-500 air defense system is being created. 40N6E is a solid-fuel two-stage missile from Russian manufacturers, capable of hitting targets at a distance that remains unattainable for any foreign air defense system.

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