Thursday, 8 June 2017

MCT-Matrix Heat-Vision Sight for T-90 MBT after 2017

T-90 Tanks to Get MCT-Matrix Heat-Vision

14 May 2017 17:47

In 2016, the Krasnogorsk plant finished tests of the heat-vision sighting system Irbis for modernized tanks T-80U and T-90. The sights will be supplied to the army after 2017 under the already concluded contract, says the manufacturer’s annual reporting. According to the experts of Mil.Today, commissioning of the new sight will for the first time give Russian tankers a homemade thermal vision device based on the mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) matrix, which will bridge a gap between the leading NATO countries in this area.

According to the annual reporting of the Krasnogorsk plant, in the last year it completed "a set of trials in order to equip the T-90 tank with the Irbis thermal-vision sighting system, which ensured conclusion of supply contracts on 2017 and further years". Details of the tests and technical features of the sight are not disclosed.

Heat vision sight Irbis for retrofitted T-90 tank Krasnogorsk plant

Press service of Schwabe, the plant’s holding, refused to give comments: experts told Mil.Today that security services had prohibited disclosing tactical and technical characteristics of the Irbis system. However, the sight was many times displayed at Russian and international exhibitions, which photos and presentation videos are publicly available.

Features of the new gunner’s sight Irbis

For the first time the new tank gunner’s heat-vision sight Irbis-K and the commander’s combined sighting and observation system Agat-MDT were presented at the Engineering Technologies 2012 exhibition. Allegedly, both systems are based on Russian-made components.

According to the publicized characteristics, the tank heat-vision system Irbis-K is designed for T-80 and T-90 tanks...........

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