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Russia Offers Karakurt Corvettes Project 22800E equipped with 76-mm OTO Melara gun to India

The "Italian" version of the MRK project 22800Э "Karakurt"

2017-05-26 13:15:29

According to the information of the Internet portal, Almaz Central marine design Bureau announced a new export offer – small missile ship (small Corvette) 22800Э project "Karakurt" with the Italian 76-mm gun OTO Melara, MTU diesel engines and electronic weapons Thales. The domestic version of the project 22800При buyers can opt for a modification with Russian engines, gun mounts and radar. The developer believes that the version with foreign components may largely be of interest to customers. In the first place are due to the Indian Navy, as the country, carrying out active re-equipment of the troops, seeks to maximize diversification in the field of armaments and military equipment.

76-mm gun mount OTO Melara "Italian" export variant "the black widow" is proposed to equip the 76-mm gun mount OTO Melara. Its rate of fire is 85-120 rounds per minute, the distance of fire of 16 to 20 km from the Domestic gun mount AK-176МА has more weight and less range (15.7 km), but has a high rate of fire (up to 130 rounds per minute). March 2, 2017 the St. Petersburg engineering plant "Arsenal" announced the successful testing of the AK-176МА.Another creation of the Italian company: Oto Melara Davide/Strales guided projectile with DARTКак the source indicated in the ikbb, with the installation of the Italian guns will require the creation of new weapons systems and fire control of the ship.According to captain first rank, doctor of Sciences Konstantin Sivkova, the decisive advantage is on the side of the AK-176МА:the Issue in rate of fire, because the main threat to IRAS is a means of air attack: cruise missiles and aircraft.

Artduel the sea is now unlikely. This gun will solve the problem of air defense on the distant approaches – 10-12 km. To the fore here come the integration into the unified air defense system of the ship and the rate of fire.In his words, AK-176МА better corresponds to the "Karakurt", especially when defending the ship against air targets. Coupled with the AK-630 and the guidance systems of weapons forms a closed air defense system, effectively working within his race of fire.

Small missile ship project 22800 developed by the Almaz Central marine design Bureau as a replacement for the delay of construction of frigates of project 11356. Only the Navy expects to buy up to 23 "Karakurt". For the Navy Russia to be equipped with attack missile complex "Caliber-NK", artillery caliber 76 mm anti-aircraft missile and gun complex. The tonnage of ships shall be 800 tons, speed – 30 knots endurance – 15 days.

Originally planned to head MRK "Hurricane" in December of 2017, in may this year, the deadline was postponed for the first half of 2018.


Oto Melara 76mm / 62 Super Rapid gun

Technical data:

Caliber: 3 inches / 76,2 mm
Barrel lenght: 186 inches / 4,72 meters (= 62 caliber)
Weight: 7900kg, empty (Super Rapid)
Shell: 76 x 900 mm / 12,34 kilograms
Elevation: – 15° to + 85°
Traverse: 360°
Rate of fire: Compact: 85 rpm / Super Rapid: selectable from single shot up to 120 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 925 m/s (1100 m/s – DART)
Magazine: Compact: 80 rounds / SR: 85 rounds


16 kilometers with standard ammunition
20 km with extended range ammunition
up to 40 km with VULCANO ammunition


– HE (high explosive) – 6,296kg / Range 16km / effective range 8km (4km vs. air targets at elev. 85°)
– MOM (multi-role OTO munition)
– PFF (pre-formed fragmentation) – anti-missile ammunition
– SAPOM (semi-armored piercing OTO munition) – 6,35kg / Range 16km
– SAPOMER (semi-armored piercing OTO munition, extended range) – Range 20km
– DART (driven ammunition reduced time of flight) – sub-calibre guided ammunition against multiple targets
(missiles and maneuvering targets at sea) 4,2kg in barrel / 3,5kg in flight / 660mm lenght / effective range >8km
– VULCANO (76mm unguided and guided extended range ammunition) – under development


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