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Saab to upgrade Thailand’s national Air Command and Control System

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07 August 2018

Saab has received an order from the Royal Thai Air Force to upgrade Thailand’s national Air Command and Control System which is based on Saab’s 9AIR C4I.  

Saab will upgrade and further enhance the Royal Thai Air Force’s Air Command and Control System (ACCS) which is based on Saab’s 9AIR C4I product and has been in operation with the Royal Thai Air Force since 2010. The system is a core part of Thailand’s network centric air defence capability which also includes Saab’s Gripen fighter, Erieye airborne early warning system and tactical data links.

Saab’s upgrade proposal for the Thai system was selected through a comprehensive evaluation process and demonstrates that Saab can ensure that the system remains fully operational, effective and future-proofed.

“This order demonstrates the competiveness of the 9AIR C4I product. Our advanced Air Command and Control System provides the Royal Thai Air Force with a vital part of its air defence system,” says Anders Carp, Senior Vice President and Head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

The ACCS upgrade combines new hardware and software that will sustain, enhance and expand the system’s nationwide capabilities for future operations. The work will take place at Saab in Järfälla, Sweden and the contract will run until 2020.

9AIR C4I is Saab’s tactical air operations command and control system. It provides situational awareness and complete control of weapons, sensors and communications.



The 9AIR C4I concept: complete control for all weapons, sensors and communications.

The missions that air forces face today, and those that will come tomorrow, demand the ability to seamlessly implement different strategies. This can range from peacekeeping operations, air policing missions and border patrol to full combat and joint war scenarios.

 The 9AIR C4I family is scalable and flexible, providing control for all missions, air forces and operations. It provides the situational awareness and communications that operators need to make the right choices, and to act on them swiftly and effectively.


The 9AIR TOCCS turns information into knowledge, and knowledge into action.

The system enables flexible, effective operations. This increases its customers’ mission capability. The solution is modular and scalable, allowing unique software connectivity and interoperability. Its design means that it is quick and affordable to install and support.

The operationally-proven 9AIR TOCCS solution is the result of development, innovation and in-service experience spanning over 70 years. It enables straightforward integration of any third-party module, and likewise enables any 9AIR TOCCS module to be integrated with equipment from other providers. This gives you complete freedom of choice, alongside flexible technology which can be adapted to meet specific needs and requirements.


The level of systems integration you can achieve is directly proportional to the level of situational awareness you gain. Full integration enables efficient information sharing and simplified decision making.

Sweden is one of just five countries in the world with the ability to develop and integrate complete air power systems. This means that working with Saab enables you to access comprehensive integration expertise. We deliver the ability to bring all your systems together into a network-enabled solution: a system of systems environment.The 9AIR TOCCS is the central element in this environment. It is the connecting enabler in the network. With the capability to plan and task all air operations, it forms the hub that allows information to flow between all systems and assets.

We have proven our capabilities as a Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) by successfully conducting a number of large-scale projects. We have more than 70 years of experience in systems integration, working both as a LSI and a partner.


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