Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Sergei Shoigu inspected Mi-171 sh prior to opening the "Army-2018" forum

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Sergei Shoigu, before the opening of the , inspected the exhibition of the newest aircraft at the Kubinka airfield, including the Su-57 fighter of the 5th generation and the "Dagger" complex

Industry leaders also presented the head of the military department with a military transport helicopter with expanded capabilities and reported on the tactical and technical characteristics of new weapons and military equipment.

As the executive director of the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Sergei Romanenko told the minister, the helicopter is equipped with full-time unguided missile, bomber and rifle and cannon armament. It is also possible to use guided Ataka-V missiles with a range of up to 6 km.

At the airport Sergey Shoigu got acquainted with the work of the mobile launching control center "Svarog", which is intended for servicing at temporary airfields and helicopter platforms. The Minister of Defense was also presented with the work of a set of technical means of guarding "Sagittarius-Sentry" to ensure the safety of regime facilities.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

New Mi-171 Sh-VN: Details

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