Tuesday, 21 August 2018

La Fayette frigate Courbet training with the corvette El Fateh of the Egyptian Navy

FS Courbet trains with Egyptian GOWIND

August 17, 2018 (Google Translation) – After leaving Toulon on July 30, 2018 for an operational mission in the Indian Ocean, the type frigate La Fayette Courbet concluded her first week of sea training with the corvette El Fateh of the Egyptian Navy. This last training before the crossing of the Suez Canal made it possible to carry out various exercises, contributing to the reinforcement of the interoperability with this marine partner.

After a first briefing, the morning allowed to finalize the training program, then to set up liaison officers aboard each unit.

Throughout the afternoon, the exercises were chained in the exercise area reserved by the Egyptian Navy. Beginning with a “PASSEX” (passage exercise – joint training) with a presentation for refueling at sea, the two buildings trained to maneuvering in proximity. A 20 mm cannon firing exercise with 12.7 mm machine guns and light infantry weapons was then carried out, followed by the establishment of an onboard protection team consisting of marines from the French Navy aboard the French Navy. El Fateh that allowed French and Egyptian sailors to train to face asymmetrical threats.

At the end of this mutual training, FLF Courbet was then accompanied by Corvette El Fateh to the entrance of the Suez Canal. Illustrating the close ties between the Navy and the Egyptian Navy, this joint training helped to develop interoperability between the two navies. It also allowed the crew of Courbet to benefit from a final training before switching to his mission in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Source: seawaves.com

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