Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The 100th serial Su-35S was handed over to VKS of Russia the final batch of this type for 2018

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The company "Sukhoi" produced and transferred to VKS of Russia the hundredth serial Su-35S

When transferring the aircraft, the ceremony participants noted that the Su-35 became a transitional link between the Su-27 fighters and the promising Su-57.

MOSCOW, December 11th. / TASS /. The 100th serial multi-purpose fighter Su-35S was handed over to the RF Ministry of Defense as part of the final batch of this type of aircraft in 2018. The transfer took place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the report said on Tuesday, the press service of the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC).

"At the Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch of PJSC" Company "Sukhoi" (included in the KLA), a solemn transfer of the Su-35S aircraft to the Russian Defense Ministry was completed, including the 100th aircraft of this type, " - said in a statement.

Representatives of the military department, deputy director general - director of the branch of the Sukhoi company of the Komomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant named after Yu. A. Gagarin Alexander Pekarsh and employees of the enterprise took part in the solemn ceremony. When transferring the aircraft, the ceremony participants noted that the Su-35 "became a kind of transitional link between the legendary Su-27 fighters and the promising Su-57."

Pekarsh thanked the aircraft manufacturers for their work and noted that from deciding on the construction of the Su-35 to the delivery of its hundredth instance, a long way had been traveled, all kinds of tests had been carried out, mass production had been launched.

Su-35C is a deeply modernized super-maneuverable multi-purpose fighter of the “4 ++” generation, created using fifth-generation technologies. Distinctive features of the Su-35S are a new avionics complex based on a digital information control system, a new radar station, engines with a plasma ignition system of increased power with thrust vector control. These engines meet the requirements for the power plant for a fifth-generation fighter because they allow it to develop supersonic speed without the use of an afterburner.

Su-35S fighter is a deep modernization of the Su-27. Unlike the Su-27M, it has a new enhanced airframe and is not equipped with a front horizontal tail and brake pad. Braking during landing is carried out by the deviation of the rudders in different directions.


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