Thursday, 27 December 2018

The third experienced aircraft MS-21 transferred to LIS

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The construction of the third prototype MS-21-300, designed for flight tests, has been completed. The aircraft was transferred from the final assembly shop to the flight test unit of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.
The new machine takes into account the results of tests of two MS-21-300 airplanes that have already been carried out. The Irkutsk Aviation Plant is assembling the compartments and aggregates of the fourth vehicle, also designed for flight tests.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that 2018 turned out to be productive for the aircraft industry. "The construction of the aircraft and the certification tests of the first machines confirm that the MS-21 program is developing steadily. The program underwent a thorough modernization of the aircraft manufacturing enterprises, created and operated new high-tech companies, created an environment for developing promising civil aviation projects," of trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.
Currently, two prototypes of the MS-21-300 are performing flights under the certification test program at the aerodrome of LII. M.M. Gromov in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

The aircraft for static tests is tested at TsAGI. In December, the fuselage of the MS-21-300 aircraft was delivered here, which, after assembling the airframe, will go on for life tests.
In October, the type certificate received a new Russian TRD PD-14, which will be installed on the aircraft. In August 2017, the corporation "Irkut" announced a plan for the supply of engines for aircraft MS-21. In accordance with the plan, PD-14 will be installed on half of the first 630 serial MS-21. Aeroflot's key customer will receive all MS-21s with Pratt & Whitney engines, and Red Wings will receive four airplanes with PD-14 and twelve with PW1400G-JM.

At 315 out of 630 MS-21, the Russian PD-14 engine can be installed without additional coordination with the American side. Of the first 110 aircraft, 35 will be released from the PD-14, and 75 from the American PW1400G. In the next batch of 240 MS-21, the Russian engine will receive 115 aircraft, the American - 125. Then, in a batch of 279 aircraft, the PD-14 will be delivered to 165 aircraft, PW1400G - to 115. From the 631th aircraft, the choice of engine will be left to the customer.

"The flight and ground certification tests of prototype aircraft in 2018 confirmed the main design solutions. UAC enterprises began to manufacture parts and assemblies of MS-21-300 aircraft intended for delivery to customers. Connection to flight testing of new aircraft and activation of production of serial aircraft are the main tasks 2019 ", - said the President of PJSC" UAC "and PJSC" Corporation "Irkut" Yuri Slusar.
The first serial aircraft in 2020 will receive airlines "IrAero" and "Aeroflot".

The third prototype MS-21-300 in the shop final assembly IAP

Rolling out of the third prototype MS-21-300 from the workshop of the final assembly of the IAP at LIS


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