Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Project 20380 corvette Gromky complete sea trails

Project 20380 corvette Gromky

Sea trials for corvette Gromky wrap up in Russia

December 17, 11:44UTC+3

After the state testing the corvette will join the Pacific Fleet

VLADIVOSTOK, December 17. /TASS/. The sea part of the state testing for Project 20380 corvette Gromky, built for the Pacific Fleet, has ended in the Primorsky Region, the Department for Information Support of the Eastern Military District Press Service for the Pacific Fleet reported.

"During the state testing, the ship’s crew and representatives for the plant trial crew carried out the maneuver and speed testing of the corvette in cooperation with members of the state admission board, as well as checked the operation of all sets, systems and bends, navigation and radio technical means and the ship’s arms," the report says.

Up to 10 naval ships and support vessels, Tu-22M3 missile carriers of the long-range aviation, MiG-31 and Su-35 fighters and Tu-142 and Il-38 antisubmarine ships were used to provide the operational testing of the corvette.

After the state testing the corvette will join the Pacific Fleet.

Source: tass.com

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