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Why the IL-112 is needed by the Russian army

Logistic rebus: why the IL-112 is needed for the Russian army

Dmitry Drozdenko 13:34 03/23/2018

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The site of the TV channel "Zvezda" tells about the progress of the military transport Il-112 program and why this aircraft is urgently needed by the Russian army.

The development of military transport aircraft takes into account a multitude of sometimes mutually exclusive tasks. The machine should be specialized and at the same time sufficiently universal: the aircraft is military and must perform a wide range of tasks. Therefore, the developers of military transport aircraft is not an easy task. After all, on the battlefield, lost time is not only lost money. Time is a lost life.

From An-26 to Ruslan

In the USSR, similar tasks were solved by whole families of military transport ramp aircraft: light An-26, medium An-12, heavy Il-76 and super-heavy An-22 Antey and An-124 Ruslan. Each of these machines was "sharpened" for their specific tasks and specific equipment. They represented a single logistical mechanism.

But everything in life is subject to aging, both physical and moral. The airplanes are getting old, the composition and type of arms being transported are changing, and the tasks of transporting troops and logistics are changing.

Now it's time to rebuild our transport aviation a bit. To restore itself, while life forces the developer of a military transport aircraft and the serial aircraft factory that produces it to be in Russia. "Games" in the Russian-Ukrainian cooperation is a very good example: money and forces have been spent enough, but there is practically no airplane.

In 2002, the RF Air Force announced a tender for the creation of a light military transport aircraft (LVTS) and issued a task for its development. This competition was attended by "Tupolev", AK them. SV Ilyushin, EMZ them. VM Myasishchev, RSK MiG and OKB them. Dry.

In March 2003, the competitive commission reviewed the submitted projects, and on August 12, Vladimir Putin was informed that the Il-112V project won the tender. Ilyushinsky KB began to create an airplane.

The scheme

Passenger and military aircraft OKB them. Ilyushin was created mostly according to the low-plan scheme. Suffice it to recall IL-2, IL-4, IL-14, IL-18, IL-20, IL-96, IL-62, IL-114. The latter, by the way, also had a transport modification. However, during the development of the project, it was the high-level scheme that was chosen. The choice of the Il-112V aircraft scheme was preceded by the analysis of the An-26 and An-74 transport planes created in the Soviet Union, as well as the foreign military transport aircraft CASA S-295M, C-27J Spartan.

The aerodynamic scheme of the Il-112V aircraft is chosen from the conditions for ensuring the given "combat load-range" dependence at a sufficiently high cruising speed for this aircraft, low aircraft speeds during take-off and landing, aircraft operation at ground aerodromes, high flight characteristics and safety in the whole range operational modes.

In addition, it allowed the selection of a small horizontal and vertical plumage with low aerodynamic resistance and to provide good lateral stability and balancing of the machine in the event of engine failure.

The federal target program "Development of civil aviation equipment in Russia for 2002-2010 and for the period until 2015" set the task - to create a dual-purpose transport aircraft with a payload of six tons. I emphasize: six tons. This aircraft must carry cargo, including in standard cargo air containers and on air pallets. So it is accepted in all developed countries, because it significantly reduces the loading time of the aircraft due to the preliminary packing and assembling of cargoes.

All the delights of loading

According to the dimensions of the IL-112V cargo cabin, it turns out that containers of 2235x2438.4 millimeters and 2235x3175 millimeters can be transported. But for carrying out loading and unloading operations, specialized aerodrome equipment is needed, which, incidentally, is successfully used in the armies of NATO countries.

In our country, such airfield equipment is only in major airports, and in the army of such equipment, to a great regret, there is none at all. Historically, our designers on all domestic transport aircraft for loading establish means of ceiling mechanization - telphers. On the one hand, this leads to an increase in the mass and time of loading the aircraft, but, on the other hand, makes the transport aircraft autonomous.

If a full conflict begins and several cruise missiles smash into hangars with specialized equipment, what will we do? In my opinion, with this approach, autonomy is a big plus. Two electric hoists, a winch and a roller table provide, albeit not the fastest, but precisely autonomous loading directly into the field.

To facilitate the operation, the IL-112V is equipped with a telpher, which provides loading of goods weighing up to 5 tons, as well as an electric winch. All this allows autonomously to load / unload the aircraft on unequipped airfields.

Missing ton

The length of the cargo cabin of the Il-112V aircraft was determined from the requirement to transport containers with blades for helicopters. With such a length of the cargo cabin, three trays PA-3,6 or six platforms of the type PGS-500A are placed in it. The size of the cargo cabin was determined on the basis of TZ to transport the D-360KP engine (for Il-76 aircraft) in a container and blades for a helicopter. Even in the plane our favorite UAZ can come. However, in the process of developing the terms of reference, the payload was reduced from six tons to five.

At the same time, several variants of the aircraft's carrying capacity were discussed earlier, but in the end, the customer's signed technical assignment lists a figure of 5 tons. "Ilyushin" in its time also worked out options to increase the carrying capacity of the aircraft, such works continue now.

According to Oleg Panteleev, editor-in-chief of the information-analytical agency "AviaPort", this was due to the experience of exploitation of the An-26.

"If you look at the exploitation of the An-26, we will see that he does not fly very much loaded to the eyeballs. The most common task is the transportation of an aircraft engine that does not like our roads. Il-112V with a comparable load capacity has large dimensions of the cargo cabin, and, accordingly, the range of transported consolidated cargoes is wider, "Panteleev said.

Starting to implement the program to create IL-112V, specialists of AK. S. Ilyushin should have proceeded from the fact that it is not enough to create a good car, it is also necessary to think about the realization of aircraft in sufficient quantities, so that production is profitable. To do this, it was necessary to calculate the delivery of the aircraft and its modifications to all potential customers, from VCS of Russia and our airlines to the air forces of foreign countries and foreign airlines.

"Obviously, we must first carry out deliveries under the state defense order and our other law enforcement agencies and only then consider the delivery of this aircraft to the civilian market. At the same time, there are several obvious factors. First, we see that the sales markets for this aircraft are much narrower than there were in its time for the An-26, including for the civil version, "Panteleev said.

The expert stressed that now there is no socialist bloc, and the political capabilities of our country to lobby the interests of our aviation industry have somewhat decreased. At the same time, if a certified civil version of IL-112 appears, it will be able to find a small demand in the market, including in hard-to-reach areas - in the regions of the Far North and the Far East.

The demand for an unpretentious and inexpensive car in the countries of Africa and South-East Asia is possible, although here it will have to compete with the secondary market.

In anticipation of a new Ila

Russia has huge territories, many of which remain for most of the year inaccessible. That is why in the USSR emphasis was laid on the development of logistics, both military and civil aviation. Airports were built, new planes were created. Any resident of a remote village knew: in case of disaster, help would come. Our potential opponents also knew that in the event of aggression dozens of soldiers and units of military equipment would be sent to any part of the country. And that is why the IL-112 is so necessary for the power structures, the Emergencies Ministry and the Russian army.

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