Tuesday, 10 July 2018

New livery for a newest Russian aerial refueling tanker IL-78M-90A

UAC Russia

Source: UAC Russia

New livery for a newest Russian aerial refueling tanker IL-78M-90A, photo made by UAC’s Vice President Alexey Rogozin.

The new refueling aircraft was created on the basis of the military transport aircraft IL-76MD-90A. The upgraded aircraft is equipped with four engines of the new generation PS-90A-76. Control and navigation complexes are fully renewed and also the «glass cockpit» was implemented at the aircraft, what allows to decrease the pressure on the crew and increase safety of flights.

IL-78M-90A will allow simultaneous refueling of two front-line aircraft. Refueling of long range and special aviation aircraft is possible from the tail aggregate. If IL-78М-90А is positioned on the ground it can fill up to four aircraft simultaneously.

IL-78М-90А can be used as military and transport aircraft. Re-equipment of the aircraft won’t require a large amount of works and is possible in the conditions of an aerodrome. In case of necessity the aircraft can be fitted with fire-fighting equipment. Source: PJSC "United Aircraft Corporation"

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