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New engine "Product 30" will enhance Su-57 capabilities

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"Product 30" will enhance the "vision" of the Su-57 cruising supersonic

Among the unique capabilities of the fifth-generation Russian multi-role fighter, the Su-57 designers distinguish its high-precision “vision” and super-maneuverability, which the machine will be provided by the engine of the second stage, known as the “product 30”. The chief editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, reserve colonel Viktor Murakhovsky spoke about other advantages of the engine  .

High-precision "vision" of the Su-57

Thanks to the high-precision “vision”, the Su-57 is able to track up to 30 air targets, including cruise missiles, the general director of the NIIP named after Z. V.V. Tikhomirova Yuri Bely. This opportunity came from the fighter due to the distribution of antennas throughout the body. Previously, all the leading manufacturers of fighters in the world installed only one locator in the bow.

“We are talking about onboard radio-electronic equipment with an active phased antenna array, which includes an optical-location system, a computer system capable of processing information using a modern algorithm, and so on. But in general, now no one will tell the real characteristics both in range and under the permission of the Su-57, therefore, it is inappropriate to compare its characteristics with foreign analogues. Moreover, we do not know the characteristics for the F-22 either, ”the expert comments on the FBA Economy Today .

Earlier, Yuri Bely already stated that the Su-57 radio electronic system will be fundamentally different from the airborne radar system in the traditional sense. In addition to the already active phased array antenna (AFAR), the fighter will receive a set of other radar and optical positioning stations, both active and passive. It is assumed that they will be spread across the entire surface of the aircraft and in fact constitute a “smart trim”.

Another unique characteristic of the Su-57 experts call it super-maneuverability. As Yevgeny Marchukov, General Designer and Director of the Lyudka Design Bureau named after A. Lyulka, said the new engine will allow fighters to take off and gain altitude faster and maneuver with high overload during air combat and to fly at supersonic speed without using afterburner.

New engine for Su-57

“The Su-57 fighter now has an engine of the previous generation, and this is not the engine that is supposed to be put on a mass production aircraft. As part of the PAK FA program, the engine of the second stage is being developed under the symbol “product 30”, but it is not yet ready. For the time being, the Ministry of Defense ordered the first experimental batch with the engines of the first stage for military operation.

The new engine will be radically better in its characteristics. At the very least, it will provide the vehicle with a cruising supersonic, which is considered to be a characteristic feature of a fifth-generation fighter, greater economy and a wider range of operating modes, allowing aerodynamic maneuvers to be performed in a variety of conditions, as well as flights at both low and high altitudes, ” - commented on Victor Murakhovsky.

As previously noted at the United Engine Corporation, the new engine has “many innovations that in some cases have no close analogue in the world,” which makes the Su-57 an even more advanced fighter. Experimental design work on the SU-57 should be completed in 2019, then it is also expected to begin supplying these aircraft to the troops. In the future, experts will find it possible to upgrade the machine to the sixth generation fighter and use unmanned technology in its control system. 

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who was able to drastically change the state of affairs in the Russian army and turn it into one of the most powerful armies in the world, has repeatedly stated that at present specialists who conduct their activities based on combat action. He noted that, for example, experts from almost 350 scientific organizations were involved in the tasks of testing weapons for the Syrian Arab Republic. The latest fighters of the fifth generation Su-57 also successfully passed a test program in Syria, including combat. The tests took place within two days, the fighters accompanied the laboratory aircraft, and the aircraft, which tracked all the parameters of the weapon.

Speaking about the results of the Su-57 tests in Syria, the head of the Ministry of Defense concluded: "I hope that this year we will complete the full test cycle, and this will be another surprise for our colleagues."  

Author: Andrey Petrov


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