Friday, 16 February 2018

First batch of Russian made T-90S/SK tanks have arrived in Iraq


By Haider Al-Kufawi - February 15, 20180

Over 73 of the most advanced tanks Russia has for export have arrived to Iraq today. The T90 tanks are the first batch of a larger Iraqi order to upgrade it’s armored capability. After the defeat of ISIS the Iraqi military noted the importance of advance optics for day and night operations and the American Abrams tank was integral in defeating ISIS. Iraq has signed contracts to upgrade the thermal cameras of Iraq’s Abrams fleet as well.

The Iraqi Army plans to operate both the American Abrams tank and the new Russian T90 tanks together in desperate armored divisions. The successful induction of the T90 tanks will lead to the expansion of the order from T90 tanks to BMP infantry fighting vehicles but Iraq is still evaluating if the BMP series is in line with what they want for the future.

Iraq’s growing fleet of modern combat vehicles and aircraft is integral to the plan to revitalize the army and ensure it’s capabilities and capacity prevent a 2014 like situation occurs again with ISIS. The expanded role, durability and reliability of both the equipment and more importantly the army personnel has led to the significantly improved state of the armed forces today.

The military has already received training on the T90 tanks with Russia. Several hundred tankers have graduated from Russian course and in IRaq they have operated TOS-1A rocket launchers using the T90 tank chassis to grow the local service hubs for the tanks prior to their arrival. Full service induction is expected within months as well as continued orders of the tanks.

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