Tuesday, 20 February 2018

HMAS Hobart has completed her first ever replenishment at sea (RAS)

HMA Ships Hobart and Anzac perform a replenishment at sea off the east coast of Australia.

Hobart’s RAS with fellow First-In-Class

HMAS Hobart has completed her first ever replenishment at sea (RAS) with HMAS Anzac off the east coast of Australia.

Both ships - the first in their respective classes - sailed from Fleet Base East to immediately conduct officer-of-the-watch manoeuvres as Hobart closed up along Anzac’s starboard side.

Commanding Officer HMAS Hobart, Captain John Stavridis, said that the ship’s company had to focus on an intricate series of manoeuvres leading into the RAS.

“We wanted to get our first RAS right and set the standard for what I expect to be hundreds of similarly successful replenishments in Hobart’s future”, he said.

“The officer-of-the-watch manoeuvres saw Hobart and Anzac sailing in close company and crossing each other’s wakes, meaning that everyones’ intense focus was required for quite some time.

“Conducting dynamic manoeuvres or staying a steady course in company with another ship both require concentration and teamwork to maintain situational awareness, and the ship’s company can be proud that they rose to the challenge.

“HMAS Anzac was my last command so it was fantastic to see both ships sailing in company, proving our capabilities at sea,” said Captain Stavridis.

In addition to successfully connecting lines between both ships, Hobart also transferred a test weight to ensure she was could transfer items with other ships in the future.

Seaman Boatswains Mate Katrina Allan fired the first gun line from Hobart’s upper decks to another ship.

“It was really exciting because I’d never fired a gun line to another ship during a RAS before”, she said.

“The wind between Hobart and Anzac picked it up a bit but the probe landed right where it was supposed to on my first shot.”

HMAS Hobart has been conducting a number of first-of-class trials, including launching test torpedoes, anti-air gunnery serials and firing the ship’s CIWS (close in weapon system).

It is expected that Hobart will be ready to deploy upon completion of the final series of trials in United States later this year.

Original post:  news.navy.gov.au

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