Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Typhoon-K MRAP seen testing in Syria


Typhoon-K in Syria. Tests of the Russian transporter

Observers following closely the conflict in Syria noticed on one of the photos the Russian armored vehicle K-53949 Tajfun-K made by Remdizel. The transporter is probably going through field tests in Syria, as well as other Russian production equipment.

K-53949 Tajfun-K is a four-wheeled armored transporter with increased resistance to mine explosions and improvised loads. The vehicle's combat weight is 15,000 kg. The transporter transports two crew members and up to eight soldiers with full equipment. The engine with 350 hp allows you to develop a top speed of 150 km / h on the road. The hull is equipped with four side doors and a wide rear door.

The transporter's shell provides protection against 14.5 mm caliber bullets, anti-tank and incendiary shells. The manufacturer ensures that the vehicle withstands a TNT load explosion of 8 kg placed under the bottom plate of the hull and TNT loads of up to 10 kg under the wheels. The vehicle offers a level of protection STANAG 4569 level III before the explosion of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

In addition to the version for transporting soldiers, a prototype of an armored vehicle for evacuating the battlefield is also known.

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