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Dutch Taking Part in Joint Warrior

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34 naval vessels, 5 submarines, dozens of helicopters and airplanes and almost 5,000 soldiers (SIC) from 14 countries. The largest 2-yearly maritime exercise in Europe has been in full swing since last weekend. In preparation for what? On the fight to the highest spectrum of violence. This is to protect, if necessary, allied areas and interests at sea.

FGS Lubeck

The Netherlands also makes a substantial contribution to Joint Warrior, under the leadership of the United Kingdom. This is done with his majestic ships Evertsen, Tromp, Van Amstel, Zeeleeuw, Urk, Mercuur and the Maritime Battle Staff.

The exercise, on the waters around Great Britain and northwest of Scotland, is about a wide variety of scenarios up to the highest spectrum of violence.

With this, Joint Warrior, according to Commander Netherlands Maritime Force commander Huub Hulsker, is going along with his time. “Contemporary threats are included. In this way we practice very realistic scenarios. This includes things like media and the effects of cyber. These aspects are of great added value because we see that they present more and more risks in the present time. ”

HNLMS Tromp refuels from FGS Spessart

Media and cyber

Simulated journalists play a major role during the exercise. For example, there is an online platform on which they publish news articles, videos, radio clips and social media messages to win hearts and minds from the population. The journalists also play a role on board the ships. This to train media handling. In addition, ships must be wary of hackers who try to attack their systems. This is how the vessels train how best to deal with these relatively new dangers.

BNS Louise Marie

Shooting exercises

The ships have already started the Combat Enhancement Training / Force Integration Training phase (CET-FIT). Here tactics and skills are practiced as part of a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF). In doing so, all units become acquainted with international partners and train their joint operational readiness. This week there are also several shooting exercises, maneuvering, air defense and submarine combat on the program.

In addition to the Netherlands and Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Spain and the United States are the largest suppliers of people and equipment for Joint Warrior. That will last until May 4th.

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