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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation received Tu-95MS with modernized power plant for testing

Tu-95MS -

Tupolev assigned Tu-95MS with the upgraded engines to the Russian Ministry of Defense for official joint testing

Russian Aviaton » Friday April 20, 2018 18:10 MSK

Tupolev (member of the United Aircraft Corporation), assigned Tu-95MS with the upgraded power unit to the Russian Ministry of Defense for the official joint testing.

The strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS was delivered to the Ministry of Defense State flight-test center for official joint testing (OJT). 

Tu-95MS is equipped with the upgraded turboprop engines НК-12МПМ developed and manufactured by "Kuznetsov" and propellers АВ-60Т manufactured by "Aerosila". The upgraded power unit provides enhanced aircraft payload, takeoff performance, flight range and other characteristics. 

Tu-95MS is a modification of Tu-95 (under NATO codification: Bear). The most high-speed turboprop production missile carrier in the world. It forms one of the essential components of strategic nuclear triad of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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