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Turkey, Ukraine to start joint manufacturing of An-188 aircraft

AN-188 - Antonov

Turkey and Ukraine will start joint manufacturing of An-188 military and transport aircraft, Turkish media reported April 28.

It is reported that the first prototype of the aircraft, which is planned to be produced in a joint venture, was presented at the EurAsia Airshow 2018 exhibition, held in Antalya (Turkey) from 25 to 28 April this year.

The exact date of the beginning of joint production of aircraft hasn't been disclosed.

The production of mobile outposts that have proven their worth in the fight against militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), as well as the production of the Canik TP9 pistols, ANKA drones and other military equipment was launched in Turkey since 2011, in the framework of strengthening the national defense industry.

Previously, domestic long-range missiles of the "earth-earth” class were tested in Turkey.

The new missile entitled as KAAN, was launched from a test site in the province of Sinop in Northern Turkey and, flying 280 kilometers in a given direction, fell in the Black Sea. These tests are the latest ones, after which the missile will be passed into service in the Turkish army.

The KAAN missile system produced by Roketsan Company was presented at the international defense industry exhibition IDEF-2017 in Istanbul.

In recent years, Turkey has invested about $35 billion in the defense industry.

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by RodgerSaintJohn

In 16 JUNE, 2015 Flight Global reported that chief designer Dymitry Kiva identified the new type as the An-188, a turbofan-engined variant of the An-70 propfan.

In size terms it will sit between the Lockheed Martin C-130J and Boeing C-17 strategic transport, he says, possessing a maximum take-off weight of 140t and payload of 40t. It would also be able to operate from unpaved airstrips, he says. Source:

The An-188 will be powered by four turbofan engines and although Kiva mentioned possibly using a western engine on the An-188, current plans are to use a Ukrainian engine from Motor Sich. Kiva said, "As far as the An-188 [is concerned], we are at the negotiation stage and in particular we are considering the possibility to equip it with Ukrainian engines made in Zaporizhia", that is, Motor Sich. He added that "there are two possible variants of engine, the D-436-FM, the new one, or I-28". It is unclear what engine he referred to as the I-28, but the D-436-FM is a new version of the Ivchenko-Progress D-436 turbofan that powers the An-158 civil airliner. According to Kiva this new version "will be ready next year".



Russia and Ukraine began joint efforts on the Antonov-70 project in 2010, with Moscow including the propfan in its state programme for armaments but media reports said the project ran into serious complications in the wake of developments in Ukraine.

Antonov decided to create a new aircraft on the basis of Antonov-70. The modified version will hopefully occupy a niche between the Hercules and the Globemaster III models. The corporation says the new planes will have a capability to take off from grass fields, to transport all types of defense and civilian technologies, including helicopters, and to take up to 300 passengers aboard.

Ukraine’s Antonov aircraft manufacturing company does not have the right to position the Antonov-188 propfan plane as a fully Ukrainian one, since it is an extension of the Antonov-70 propfan project designed in close cooperation with Russia, Sergey Kornev, a senior official Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said on 18 June 2015. "From the legal standpoint, Russia invested quite some money (in the Antonov-70 project) and it aspires to rights to about 50% of intellectual property in it," Kornev said. "That’s a serious contradiction. If truth be told, they don’t have the right to do it." Source:

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