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Rosoboronexport to start promotion of Buk-M3 air defense system for export

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Rosoboronexport began promotion of the Buk-M3 air defense system abroad

Features of the complex allow it to adapt to the priorities of foreign customers, the company believes.

MOSCOW, March 28. / TASS /. Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostekh state corporation) has begun to promote the export version of Buk-M3 Viking anti-aircraft missile systems to foreign markets, the company's press service said on Wednesday.

"This is great news for us and our foreign partners.The Viking complex, preserving the best qualities of the famous line of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, represents a new word in the development of medium-range air defense systems." The producers endowed it with unique characteristics that corresponded to modern requirements in the protection of troops and infrastructure from the attacks of modern and promising means of air attack in the conditions of electronic and fire countermeasures. there is no one on the world arms market, "- quoted the company's deputy general director Sergei Ladygin.

According to Rosoboronexport, the technical features of the complex make it possible to adapt it to the priorities of foreign customers as much as possible. In comparison with the "Buk-M2E" the firing range of "Viking" has increased almost 1.5 times - up to 65 kilometers. In addition, the number of simultaneously fired targets increased by 1.5 times - six each by a self-propelled fire installation, and the number of anti-aircraft guided missiles ready for launch in the firing position of two combat units increased from eight to 18.

The Viking missile system received a number of unique features that had not previously been available in any air defense complex. For example, he had the opportunity to integrate launchers from the anti-aircraft missile system Antei-2500, which would provide the possibility of hitting targets at the range of counteraction.

Complex "Buk-M3" and its export version "Viking" during operation and exercises showed a very high level of combat effectiveness. "Viking" has the ability to defeat not only aviation, attacking elements of high-precision weapons with a very high probability, but also tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as sea and land targets, "Ladygin said in the press service.

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