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Malaysian Army trials Ingwe missile from 8×8 Deftech AV8 Gempita

8×8 Deftech AV8 with Denel Land Systems (DLS) two-person LCT-30 turret

Malaysian Army trials Ingwe missile 

Dzirhan Mahadzir, Kuala Lumpur - Jane's International Defence Review

The Malaysian Army conducted firing trials of the Denel Dynamics ZT35 Ingwe anti-tank missile system from the anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) variant of its 8×8 Deftech AV8 Gempita armoured fighting vehicle on 8 March, the service disclosed via the social media account of its official Berita Tentera Darat Malaysia (BTDM) news portal.

The firing trial at the Asahan range located in Syed Sirajuddin Camp, Gemas, is believed to the first in-country firing trial of the missile systems since deliveries of the ATGW variant began in 2016 to the two Malaysian Army units operating the vehicles, 19th Battalion (Mechanised), Royal Malay Regiment and 1st Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, although the ATGW variant conducted missile firing trials in South Africa in 2016.

BTDM stated that two AV8 Gempita ATGW vehicles were involved in the trials, which are armed with a Denel LCT-30 GI30 30 mm gun and are equipped with a twin-box launcher on each side of the turret for the Ingwe ATGW, although it did not provide further details.

The commander of Army Field Command West, Lieutenant General Azizan Delin oversaw the trials and representatives of Denel were also shown to be present there.

Images of the occasion showed that a reconnaissance variant of the AV8, equipped with the Rheinmetall Vingtaqs II target acquisition system and 7.62 mm remote control weapon systems (RCWS) and an IFV 25 variant, equipped with a 25 mm Bushmaster cannon mounted in an FNSS Sharpshooter turret, also took part in the trials with BTDM stating that firing of the 25 mm and 30 mm guns, as well as the 7.62 mm RCWS was also conducted.

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