Friday, 30 March 2018

Russia's defences could shut out the US Air Force in a war -- here's how the US plans to win anyway

The US Army’s Army Tactical Missile System -

Alex Lockie

  • Russia has the US and NATO outgunned in eastern Europe, but US Army generals came up with a plan to counter it.
  • Instead of risking planes over Russia’s fierce air defences, the US will pivot to developing and deploying long-range artillery and missile systems to knock out defences from afar.
  • With the changes recommended, the generals said the US would be able to fight Russia for weeks without even using air power.

The US military and NATO have been significantly outgunned by Russia in eastern Europe for some time, but US Army generals recently laid out a plan to close the gap.

As it stands, Russia has more tanks, aircraft, better air defences, and more long range weapons systems than the US and NATO have in eastern Europe......Read rest of article: HERE


Hate to spoil the party but Russia has plenty of Missiles and Rocket systems that are far more advance than the Western nations

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