Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Taiwan may Lease F-15C Eagles from US


The United States Could Offer Taiwan Leased F-15C Eagles According To Report

Taiwan wants the F-35B but second-hand leased F-15Cs could give the country a boost in air power without setting off a geopolitical storm.


It's no secret that Taiwan wants the F-35, and especially the F-35B with its ability to operate from dispersed locales that normal fixed-wing fighters cannot. During the Obama administration, even allowing Taiwan to purchase late-block F-16s was deemed unacceptable under a highly controversial policy. Instead the country had to upgrade its old F-16As to a similar configuration. Although the Trump administration is rewriting the book when it comes to Taiwan-U.S. relations, F-35s are still seemingly off the table, but leased second-hand F-15C Eagles may not be........Read rest of article: HERE

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