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Thailand commissions first four T-50TH supersonic trainer jets

Royal Thai Air Force

Thailand commissions trainer jets imported from Korea

SEOUL, April 5 (Yonhap) -- The Thai Air Force has completed the deployment of the first four T-50TH supersonic trainer jets imported from South Korea, the manufacturer of the aircraft said Thursday.

Korea Aerospace Industries Co. (KAI) said a related ceremony was held at a local air force base on Wednesday and attended by the country's air force chief Johm Rungswang, Seoul's Ambassador to Bangkok Noh Kwang-il, KAI President Kim Jo-won and dozens of other officials.

"I appreciate the Thai air force's active support for the deployment of T-50TH," Kim said during the event. "We will continue to make contributions to follow-up programs for the modernization of its air power."

   KAI, South Korea's sole aircraft maker, signed a 110-million-dollar contract with Thailand in 2015 for the sale of the four planes. They were delivered to the Southeast Asian nation earlier this year.

The T-50THs will begin to replace the nation's existing L-39 trainer aircraft.

KAI clinched another deal, worth US$260 million, to supply Thailand with eight additional T-50THs. Their delivery is scheduled to take place by 2020.

KAI said it has exported 145 T-50 and KT-1 basic trainer planes to seven countries, including Indonesia, Turkey, Peru, the Philippines and Senegal.

It's also trying to sell T-50s to the United States, Argentina and Botswana.

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Royal Thai Air Force

Image source: Royal Thai Air Force

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Site Acceptance Test

T-50th is an pilot training aircraft with the most advanced technology and training system.
The Air-force detection process must be detailed and according to the order document, so there are several steps and operated by specific experts to be effectively active.
There is a potential to be an eviction aircraft and a 2th practice of the air force.

1. Test Ground test
2. External inspection and interior (Exterior & interior darlsco)
3. Test flight test
4. Test Control System, air fly training, tactical (Acmi)

T-50th detection process

T-50th is an eviction pilot training aircraft with technology and the best modern training system. One-of-a-kind detection is so many steps and operated by specific experts to be active effectively. There are potential to be an eviction aircraft and 2th practice of air force
And when the T-50th travels to Thailand, the air force has completed the process of completion of the operation to be operated on April 4, 2561

1. Ground test

1.1 examination of related documents (document review), such as maintenance records.
1.2 external inspection of aircraft (exterior darlsco) such as color condition, rubber wheel,., rear engine.
1.3 Internal Inspection (interior darlsco), such as cockpit, meter equipment
1.4 monitoring of aircraft operating system (Ground System Check), such as startup system, electricity
1.5 Tactical Training System (Embedded Tactical Training System Test) such as simulation system, enemy level
1.6 monitoring of weapons installation (stores for horseless and captive compatibility) such as rockets, air to air, air rockets to the ground.

2. External inspection and interior (Exterior & interior darlsco)

2.1 external inspection and interior (Exterior & interior darlsco)
- check out external and internal equipment such as cracks, Facebook, loose, leaks.

2.2 check the ground system (Ground Systems Check)
• Battery Bus Systems Checks
• Secondary Ignition Engine Start
• Avionics Power Initialization
• Miscellaneous Aircraft System Checks
• Avionics BIT & DTRS Operation
• Override and Priority Function Operation
• SMS test
• Dmm test
• ETTS Test
• A-A, A-G Master Mode Setup
• NVIS Check (Night)

3. Flight test

Flight Test #1

3.1 flight performance (flight performance) flight test, motor performance
3.2 Aviation Features (flight characteristics) Aviation, testing, attributes, forced fly and safety.
3.3 systems and various devices of the aircraft (air vehicle specification requirements) such as system systems, weapons systems.

Flight Test #2

3.4 T-50th-4th, 4-link data-Link, etts by able to simulate 8 enemy aircraft to simulate a virtual flying training situation.
3.5 test air weapons system to air. Etts A-a: Wvr Check (AIM-9 S) + bvr check (AIM-120 c) + Aiff check
3.6 test air weapons system to etts a-G Check (TGP W / GBU-12 + AGM-65 G + GBU-38 + GP BOMB + training bomb)

4. Test Control System, air fly training, tactical (Acmi)

- the acmi system can record all events and aviation data down the dtd card. Information that has such as flight routes, posture, speed, height, location, pilots can see the result of the flight later to analyze both images, 2 D, 3 D. And numbers information.
- simulation of weapons, both a / a and a / g has been virtual and informed of the use of weapons with rtkn signal (real time kill notification) immediately inform the use of weapons.
- tell the location of the plane using GPS, finding reference coordinates with satellites to high accuracy.
- data link between planes and planes and ground stations.

Source: Royal Thai Air Force

The first pair of T-50THs was delivered on January 25, following a ferry flight from South Korea. The aircraft suffered some engine damage due to inclement weather over the South China Sea, resulting in a two-week delay. Two more T-50s arrived in March, this time delivered by a Korean Air Cargo 747F freighter.

Part of the acceptance tests conducted by the RTAF covered the functionality of a four-way datalink between the aircraft and the embedded tactical training simulation (ETTS) system, simulating a virtual dogfight against eight "enemy" fighters. The ETTS also allows the RTAF to perform in-flight weapon simulation of AIM-9S Sidewinder and AIM-120C AMRAAM missile firings. Source:

T-50TH Training System

1. Computer Based Training (CBT)

2. Virtual Technical Training System (VTTS)

3. Cockpit procedure trainer (CPT)

4. T-50TH Simulator 

5. Mission Planning & Debriefing

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